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It depends on what the circumstances are, and how hard you were kicked. A Taekwondo kick can be controlled (as in classroom sparring), or it can cause extreme pain or serious injury (as in heavy contact training, or street fighting). Even if kicked when wearing padding (foot pads or body protector), a powerful kick can still hurt, or cause injury.

If kicked during class, and you experience pain or discomfort, you should immediately notify your instructor. If the pain is intense, or you suspect there might be internal injury, you should seek medical attention. Minor children should tell their parents if they are struck with any technique to the head, or a hard impact to the body during Taekwondo training.

If this happens outside of Taekwondo training, medical attention should be sought since internal injuries can lead to life-threatening results, and are not always easily noticable. One should also consider why this occurred if it was not in training. Was the Black Belt provoked, or forced to defend them self, or was it a misuse of self defense skills? If you believe it was unjustified, then the police should be informed, and an attempt should be made to notify the student's Taekwondo instructor of the incident.

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Q: What if you are kicked in the stomach by a black belt in Tae Kwon Do?
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