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Q: What if the association where you live does not have handicap parking?
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Do they have reserved parking for non-handicap people at the Special Olympics?

Do they have reserved parking for non-handicap people at the Special Olympics?

Do you need a Handicap Placard to park in a Reserve Parking Only space?

Reserve Parking Only is a designation for a parking place that requires a special permit. A Handicap placard will not suffice.

If no trucks are allowed in a driveway according to the Home Owners Association can a handicapped persons truck be parked in the driveway?

If you are an owner requiring handicap access to parking, then you and the board can negotiate a workable solution to your parking requirements. Part of the negotiation should include the definition of 'truck', and whether or not a vehicle owned and required can be parked in the driveway. Visiting handicap-centric vehicles may be relegated to visitors' parking areas, unless there is a special provision and written authorization from the board allowing unusual handicap parking.

What do you do about a neighbor parking in front of your house instead of her handicap spot?

Ask your local police department. I suspect that parking regulations forbid you from parking in her handicap spot. I doubt that there is a regulation forbidding her from parking in front of your house.

In CA can you park in a handicap parking spot if the business is out of business?

yes, if you have a handicap sticker

How many handicap spots are there in as parking lot?

It depends on the size of a parking lot(=

Can you enter aloha stadium parking with handicap placard one hour prior to UH game?

Can I enter aloha stadium parking with handicap placard

Is charging for handicap parking in the state of California legal?

No, it is not legal to charge for parking in designated handicap parking spaces in the state of California. The California Vehicle Code specifically prohibits charging fees for accessible parking.

Can A person with a Hadicaped placard be towed?

Yes, a person with a handicap card can be towed if they are parked illegally. They can not be towed for parking in a handicap parking spot as long as they have the sign.

Is a handicap parking stall required under Hawaii law for a condo association with approximately 65 units with a remote controlled gated entry making this a private association?

Whether or not such parking is required is not so much the issue as is the association's ability to make one available when required to do so. Your answer lies in a combination of Hawaii condominium law and the US Federal Fair Housing law. If you require handicap parking accommodations, best practices dictate that you approach the association's board and request it. If the board fails to accommodate you, your recourse will be with the aid of an association-savvy attorney licensed to practice in Hawaii who will help the association understand its responsibilities in this matter. If you are a tenant, you must work through the owner, who in all probability must agree with your requirement.

What is the cost of a handicapped parking ticket in Michigan?

if you park in handicap without the handicap sign if you have it or not is $190. if you park with the handicap sign and its not yours its $290

Can a Condominium Community restrict Handicap parking with reduced hours?

Condominium communities can develop restrictions according to their power given them by the governing documents. However, local, state and federal law regarding handicap access must be followed in crafting these restrictions. All handicap access statutes trump association governing documents.