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The 1972 Miami Dolphins team is still the only team to go undefeated and win the Super Bowl what a team.. the patriots almost did they went undefeated but lost to the giants in the super bowl

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Q: What if has any team gone undefeated and won the Super Bowl if yes which team?
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Has an undefeated team ever gone to the Super Bowl and won?

Once, following the 1972 season, the Miami Dolphins won the Super Bowl to complete the first and last undefeated season. In 2007 the New England Patriots went undefeated and went to the Super Bowl but lost to the New York Giants 17 to 14 in a major upset.

What football team has been undefeated and won the Super Bowl?

The Dolphins

Has any undefeated team won a Super Bowl?

yes, the 1972 Miami Dolphins went undefeated.

What team was undefeated during season and won Super Bowl?

Miami dolphins

Who is the last team to enter Super Bowl undefeated?

The New England Patriots

What football team will win the Super Bowl in the 2011 season?

Packers! They are undefeated

What NFL team has had an undefeated season and won a Super Bowl?

Miami Dolphins

What has been the only undefeated team in NFL and won the super bowl?

The 1972 Miami Dolphins.

What is the oldest team to not have gone to Super Bowl?


As of March 2009 only one nfl team with more than one super bowl win is still undefeated in Super Bowl play?

San Francisco is 5-0 in Super Bowl.

How many times has each football team has won the Super Bowl without a loss?

Only the 1972 Miami Dolphins have won a Super Bowl with an undefeated record.

Which Super Bowl winner was undefeated?

The 1972 Miami Dolphins are, so far, the only team to win the Super Bowl undefeated.