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Q: What if anyBritish Medals issued in respect of this operation?
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What members from the British forces were issued the Saudi and Kuwati medals after the gulf war 1991.?

See: Operation Desert Storm

How many medals will be issued at the Olympics?

as many as ther need to be at least 500 medals

Is there enyone that has all army medals?

Probably not. There were many campaign medals issued before WW1 and WW2. So even a WW2 veteran could not wear all these campaign medals. There were also many different medals for bravery and achievements such as Soldier's Medal for saving a life while not in combat. Then there are medals issued for Navy and Marine personnel. Too many to earn by one person.Remember; Medals are made of metal.

Was there a Medal awarded for 'Market Garden' the Battle for Arnhem Bridge?

No. There's been some post war commemorative medals sold since, look for the 50th anniversary commemorative medal. But no specific operation/campaign medal was issued to combatants

How many medals of honor were given out in the gulf war?

no medals of honor were issued for the gulf war. However in April of 1991, 55 days after the cease fire was declared, Freddie Stowers was posthumously issued a medal of honor for service in WWI.

What is the value of Korean War medals?

my mate Jon boy just sold 2 on eBay for £190. check there. :)AnswerThe value of medals would vary greatly. It may depend on which Country and what type of medal. I recently bought a medal issued by NATO, which were unofficial medals but were allowed to be worn on the uniform. There medals had blue/white ribbon and had the NATO emblem on it. I paid less than $10 (USD) for it. Also medals issued to a soldier was engraved with his name. A collection of medals belonging to a soldier sales more than if the medals are sold seperately. Hard to answer this.

What is the value of English World War 1 medal postumus?

That is a vague Question as you did not specify a country or type of medal. So a vague answer would be from $15 to $2000. Some medals were made and issued in the Millions so they are not worth much. If the medal is engraved with the soldier's name, then it would be worth more. If the collection includes all the medals earned by one soldier AND some medals are for bravery or for a rare area of service, then the value goes higher. British issued campaign medals that were for service in a specific region and some are more rare than others. Since the US Marine Corps was not very large, some of these medals can be valuable. Also, an older Veteran can order his medals and they could have been issued 30 or 50 years after the war. These may not be worth as much. The Germans issued about 3 Million of their Iron Cross 2nd Class medal. It is worth about $40 to $70. But a similar Iron Cross issued by the Nazi in WW2 will be worth $75 to $125 or so. There is a more demand for Nazi medals than WW1 medals.

What medals were issued in World War 1?

The VC (628 awarded) and the Medal of Honor (124 awarded).

What year was the first Vietnam service medal issued?

Expeditionary Medals were awarded prior to the arrival of the VSM in '65.

Coronation medal issued by western Australia george v?

They think 286 of these medals were issued to Australians. They are worth a bit of money, depending on condition and it being the correct medal, not just some fake.

What is a combat ribbons?

A combat ribbon, also known as a campaign ribbon or service ribbon, is a military decoration worn on a uniform to signify participation in a specific military campaign or operation. They are awarded to personnel who have served in combat or directly supported combat operations. Each ribbon represents a specific campaign or operation and may vary in design and color.

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