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If its Negative, you must try different arm. Because trying to get ABG on that arm could damage artery and cut off collateral circulation.

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Q: What if a Patient has negative Allen test in one arm what should you do?
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What is the difference between an Allen's test and a modified Allen's test?

The Allen's test assesses collateral circulation in the hand, in 2 steps. Step 1 occludes the radial artery for several minutes and compares the hand color to the other hand. The hand is said to have sufficient collateral circulation through the ulnar artery if there is no change in color. Step 2 occludes the ulnar artery. A change in hand color means the potential for radial artery occlusion is high. That is a positive Allen's test, which contraindicates radial-artery puncture Modified Allen's Test The procedure for performing a modified Allen's Test is as follows: 1. Instruct the patient clench his/her fist, or if the patient is unable, you may close the hand tightly. 2. Using your fingers, apply occlusive pressure to both the ulnar and radial arteries. This maneuver obstructs blood flow to the hand. 3. While applying occlusive pressure to both the arteries, have the patient relax his/her hand. Blanching of the palm and fingers should occur. If it does not, you have not completely occluded the arteries with your finger. 4. Release the occlusive pressure on the ulnar artery. You should notice a flushing of the hand within 5 to 15 seconds. This denotes that the ulnar artery if patent and has good blood flow. This normal flushing of the hand is considered to be a positive modified Allen's test. A negative modified Allen's test is one in which the hand does not flush within the specified time period. This indicates that ulnar circulation is inadequate or nonexistence. The radial artery supplying arterial blood to that hand should not be punctured.

I always forget if an Allen's test should be positive or negative if the blood returns to the hand via the ulnar artery?

The test is POSITIVE if color ( blood flow ) returns to the hand within 15 seconds, if not another site should be chosen. The test is POSITIVE if color ( blood flow ) returns to the hand within 15 seconds, if not another site should be chosen.

How should patients be prepared for a lactic acid test?

This test requires a blood sample. The patient should have nothing to eat or drink (fasting ) from midnight the night before the test. Because lactic acid is produced by exertion, the patient should rest for at least one hour before the test.

Would distilled water test negative for starch?

Theoretically, distilled water should test negative for just about everything but wetness!

What care should a patient receive after an impedance phlebography?

The patient may resume normal or postoperative activities after the test.

What care should a patient receive after a technetium heart scan?

The patient can resume normal activities immediately after the test.

What are the fasting requirements for a PTH test?

The patient should have nothing to eat or drink from midnight of the day of the test.

Can you have glandular fever but test negative?

You can test negative on a blood test for upto 10 days after contracting glandular fever. If this should occur with you, go back to your Doctor in 2 weeks for a repeat blood test. If it is negative, you do not have glandular fever.

What does a negative indication mean in medicine?

Negative indication in statistics means below 0. It also means that whatever test you are discussing, a negative in dication could mean the patient has ruled out and doesn't have the disease.

Can keflex create a negative pregnancy test? says on the leafets that antibitotics should not affect the test

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Bacillus cereus is oxidase negative -

How should patients be prepared for an erythropoietin test?

The patient is to fast with nothing to eat or drink for at least eight hours before the test. It is also suggested that the patient lie down for 30 minutes before the test.