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He would have been given the same sentence.

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Q: What if Peyton Manning fought dogs instead of mike Vick?
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Who is a better quarterback Vick or Manning?

Peyton Manning of course!!

Who is the richest nfl player?

Peyton Manning

Did Michael Vick and Peyton Manning play each other in college?


Is Michael Vick the highest paid quarterback now?

No. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are 1 and 2. Vick is 3rd now.

Who is the fastest quaterback?

In the NFL probably Michael Vick but he ruined his starting career by having dog fights he might start later on!

Who was the highest paid NFL player in 2006?

Michael Vick of the Atlanta Falcons.(At the time).....instead of Jail ------------------------- That's actually incorrect. Peyton Manning had (& still has) a 99.2 million dollar deal with the Indianapolis Colts, Michael Vick had a 76 million dollar deal.

Is Michael Vick the highest paid NFL player in 2011?

No. He's 4th, behind Peyton Manning, Sam Bradford and Tom Brady.

Who is the highest paid quaterback?

Peyton Manning signed a 7-year, 99 million contract with a $34.5 million siging bonus. However, Drew Bledsoe and Michael Vick both signed 10-year, $100 million contracts, with Vick receiving a $36 million signing bonus. However, Manning earns the most per year, which means, since Bledsoe and Vick's contacts no longer exist (Bledsoe retired, Vick, well, you know), Manning does more to hurt his team than any other player in the NFL, still more evidence why Peyton Manning is the most overpaid player in the League.

Who is the best Quarterback in the nfl in 2010?

1.Mark Sanchez 2.Micheal Vick 3.Tom Brady 4. Peyton Manning 5.Joe Flacco

Who has more pro wins Michael Vick or Eli Manning?

Michael Vick

Who is a better quarterback Peyton Manning or Eli Manning?

Well Cam Newton is better than Peyton Manning because Cam Newton has more rusjing touchdowns than Peyton Manning, Cam Newton is the number 1 NFL best rushing touchdown quarterback for now allthough Peyton is older than Cam Newton Peyton just wants to keep his record as the best quarterback in passing from long distance don't you notice that Peyton dosent like to run he rather throw the ball. Well while that happens we have Cam Newton which he wants to have alot of touchdowns and complete passes. That is why I think That Cam Newton is better he's like the best QB that any team could have but you can't compare him against Eli Manning, or RG3, or Michael Vick. Cam Newton is like my favorite football player

Who is the best quarterback right now?

Tom Brady is the most successful then the next best are Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and then either Eli Manning, Joe Flacco, Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Ryan, Micheal Vick or Alex Smith