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EconoLodge near Times Square

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Q: What hotel do the Rangers stay at when playing in Philadelphia?
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Which hotel to the Texas Rangers stay when playing the astros?

Four Seasons

What hotel do visiting teams stay when playing the Philadelphia Phillies?

What hotel to the Phillies stay at while playing the NY Yankees in NY.

Where do the Philadelphia Phillies stay in Miami?

At a hotel

What hotel do visitng teams stay in while playing the philadelphia phillies?

I am pretty sure it is called the Four Seasons.... but not sure.

What hotel do the NY Mets stay in in Philadelphia?

When the Philadelphia Phillies are playing in New York, they stay at the Parker Meridian Hotel. It is located in midtown in Manhattan.

What hotel does the Texas Rangers stay when they play the New York Yankees?

ramada inn

What hotel do the redsox stay at when playing the Tampa Bay Rays?

What hotel do the Tampa Bay Rays stay in when playing the New York Yankees

What hotel does the Baltimore Orioles stay when playing in Chicago?

There is no telling if the Baltimore Orioles stay in a certain hotel when they are playing in Chicago. There are many hotels in Chicago, so they could stay anywhere from the Holiday Inn to the Drake Hotel.

What hotel does the Boston Red Sox stay when playing in Miami?

A hotel in Miami

What hotel do athletes stay in when playing in New York uniondale?

They stay at the Hilton.

What hotel do the New York Yankees stay at when playing the Anaheim Angels?

I believe the Ayres Hotel...that is where the Mets usually stay.

Do you have to stay at a hotel to celebrate Sukkot The Philadelphia Church of God does this?

No, there is no requirement to stay in a hotel during Sukkot. In fact, the requirement of Sukkot is that you build a temporary shelter to sleep in.