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Q: What hotel do mets stay at in san francisco?
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What hotel do the Atlanta Braves stay at in san francisco?

hallmark hotel

What hotel do the LA Dodgers stay at in San Francisco?

San Francisco Westin St. Francis: (415) 397-7000

What hotel do the San Francisco 49ers stay at for home games?

The 5-star Fairmont Hotel in downtown San Francisco.

When was Ambassador Hotel - San Francisco - created?

Ambassador Hotel - San Francisco - was created in 1911.

When was Hotel Majestic - San Francisco - created?

Hotel Majestic - San Francisco - was created in 1902.

When was the International Hotel in San Francisco built?

The "International Hotel" in San Francisco, also known as "I-Hotel", was once a low-cost residential hotel. It is located at Kearny and Jackson Street in San Francisco.

What are some good hotels to stay at in San Francisco?

Whether a hotel is good or not depends on your preferences and what luxuries desire. According to, The Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco and Four Seasons San Francisco are the highest rated hotels.

Is there a Titanic hotel in San Francisco?

A Titanic Hotel was proposed in San Francisco, but as of this writing never came to fruition.

In what city is the Harbor Court Hotel located?

The Harbor Court Hotel is a hotel located in San Francisco, California. The hotel has received high ratings and is a generally higher priced hotel to stay in.

Where is Shahrukh Khan in San Francisco?

staying at W hotel in San Francisco

What hotel do the San Francisco 49ers stay at when in seattle?

For the 2014 NFC Championship they are staying at the Grand Hyatt in downtown Seattle.

San Francisco hotels on Union Square?

Union Square San Francisco hotels include Hotel Abri, Westin St. Francis, Hotel Kabuki, Larkspur Hotel and Hotel Adagio.