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The Westin

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Q: What hotel are the St. Louis Cardinals staying in Philadelphia?
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What hotel are the cardinals staying at for spring training?

They are staying at I DON"T KNOW STUPID!!

Are one direction staying in a hotel in philadelphia?

yes they are!

What is the name of the hotel the Cardinals are staying at during Super Bowl?

The Holiday inn

What hotel do the St. Louis Cardinals stay in Chicago?

hyatt regency

What hotel do the New York Mets stay at when playing the St. Louis Cardinals?

The W

What hotel do the St. Louis Cardinals stay at when they play the New York Mets?

The W

What hotel is one direction staying in philadelphia feb 18 2013?

They are coming June 25, 2013

Which hotel is one direction staying at LA?

Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Harry plus Band all checked out of their LA hotel.

Does staying exclusively at a hotel mean staying only at that hotel?


What hotel is Michael Jackson staying at in England?

He's not staying in a hotel, he's staying in a rented mansion. Can you imagine staying in the same hotel for two years?!

What hotel will the Arizona Cardinals stay at for the Super Bowl?

According to By Dalia Colon, Times Staff Writer, the Cardinals will be staying at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay (2900 Bayport Drive, Tampa).

What hotel is Miley Cyrus staying at December 2nd 2009?

Shes not staying in hotel!