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sparrow in lansing, mi.

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Q: What hospital was magic Johnson born?
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What hospital was magic Johnson in?

he was on the bridge of lantern/

When was Magic Johnson born?

Magic Johnson was born on August 14, 1959.

Magic Johnson was he born in a poor family?

Yes Magic Johnson was born in a poor family.

What is Magic Johnson's birthday?

Magic Johnson was born on August 14, 1959.

What year was Majic Johnson born?

Magic Johnson was born in 1959

How old is Magic Johnson?

Earvin "Magic" Johnson is 57 years old (birthdate: August 14, 1959).

What hospital was Dwayne Johnson born in?

Eden Hospital, Hayward, CA

Is magic Johnson a magician?

Magic Johnson is a former basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers and was born on August 14, 1959. As of August 2013, Magic Johnson is not a magician.

How many brothers and sisters does magic Johnson have?

was magic johnson born second in hs family

What was the name of the hospital Dwayne Johnson was born?


Who was better Larry Bird or Magic Johnson?

magic Johnson magic Johnson

When was Magic Johnson born exactly?


When was Magic Johnson's daughter Elisa born?

December 21

When were magic Johnson's children born?

2005 2007 1981

Does magic Johnson's son have HIV?

No, Magic Johnson's son does not have HIV and neither does Johnson's wife. However, Magic Johnson does in fact have HIV and he was diagnosed with it in 1991.

What nicknames does Magic Johnson go by?

Magic Johnson goes by Magic, and Buck.

What is the birth name of Magic Johnson?

Magic Johnson's birth name is Johnson, Earvin.

Who was the last president not born in a term hospital?

Lyndon Baines Johnson

Magic Johnson's siblings?

magic Johnson has 9 siblings

Who is better Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson?

Magic Johnson

What number is magic Johnson?

Magic Johnson is number 32

What disability did earvin magic Johnson have?

Magic Johnson had H.I.V.

Where does magic Johnson live now?

I'm not sure were magic lives but his mother lives in south Lansing Michigan were he was born, magic also attended M.S.U.

What is magic Johnson's whole name?

Erving "Magic Johnson is his full name. Magic was his nickname.

Did Magic Johnson have dyslexia?

No Magic Johnson had H.I.V.But played in the olympics.