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* Secretariat holds the record with a speed of 1 minute 59.4 seconds in 1973. * Sham in the same race is credited with a sub two minute run at 1 minute 59.99 seconds. However the timing system used was not adequately accurate to certify for the showhorse. Sham is credited with being the only sub two minute loser of the Run for the Roses. * Monarchos in 2001 clocked the race in 1 minute 59.97 seconds.

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*Secretariat 1973 1 minute 53 seconds flat

Tank's Prospect 1985 1 min 53 seconds 2/5ths

Louis Quatorze 1996 1 min 53 seconds 2/5ths

Gate Dancer 1984 1 min 53 secons 3/5ths

* Secretariat's time in the 1973 Preakness was flawed when the timer malfunctioned. Using modern technology, it was shown he won in 1:53 flat, and now holds all three Triple Crown records.

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Only two horses have ever run the Kentucky Derby in under 2 minutes: Secretariat in 1973 and Monarchos in 2001.

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Secretariat in 1973. 1:59 2/5ths

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Q: What horse ran the fastest time ever in the Preakness Stakes?
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What horse ran the fastest time ever in the preakness?

SECRETARIAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best horse ever he holds all records at the Kentucky derby and at the preekness and by 2 second at the belmont he is the best horse ever

What 3 horse races are involed in the triple crown?

The Kentucky Derby, The Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes. Only 11 horses have ever won all three.

Who was the fastest race horse in history?

Secretairat I think, Anyway he had the longest stride - the fastest racehorse of all time must be dancing brave? he clocked 10.28 seconds in the last furlong when he failed to get up and win the derby. no sprinters section timing can or ever has competed with that speed ever

What horse in the derby win a world record for the fastest?

Secretariat was the fastest horse that ever lived

What is the fastest time ever recorded in the Belmont Stakes?

The record time for the Belmont Stakes was set by Secretariat in 1973 in a time of 2 minutes and 24 seconds.

Which horse is the fastest horse to ever win Melbourne cup?

I think Phar Lap

What is the name of the fastest horse ever?

Man o' War

Which horse is the youngest horse to ever win the Melbourne Cup?

In 1883, the hardy New Zealand bred, Martini Henry won the VRC Derby, the Melbourne Cup and on the following Monday retained his undefeated record by winning Mares' Produce Stakes.

Who won the 1943 Kentucky Derby?

Seabiscuit, who is the gratest racehorse ever!!! He returned from serios injury, to win the 1940 Santa Anita Handicap, with crippled jockey Red Pollard.

What was the fastest time for horseback riding?

1:59.4 was he fastest and was a record set by Secretariat "The Greatest Horse That Ever Lived" at the Kentucky Derby.

What is the meaning of preakness?

The Preakness is the second leg in Americanthoroughbred racing's Triple Crown and almost always attracts the Kentucky Derby winner, some of the other horses that ran in the Derby, and often a few horses that did not start in the Derby. Two years before the Kentucky Derby was run for the first time, Pimlico introduced its new stakes race for three-year-olds, the Preakness, during its first-ever spring race meet in 1873 . Joan Cowin.

Is the thoroughbred the fastest horse in the world?

No, there is Arabian, Appaloosa, Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, American Paint Horses, and mutt races. I know this because I am a horse racing freak. I keep a log on all TB race horses that have a chance in the big races (Kentucky Derby, Melbourne Cup, Belmont Stakes, etc...)