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Secretariat in 1973. 1:59 2/5ths

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Q: What horse ran the fast time in the derby?
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What horse ran the fastest Kentucky Derby?


What horse ran the fastest Kentucky Derby on record?

Secretariat holds the record for fastest time in the Kentucky Derby at 1:59.40 (in 1973).

What is the subject for The horse ran fast?


What was the name of the horse that ran against man of war in the derby?

Mon O' War never ran in the Kentucky Derby, as his owner did not like to travel that far and felt that the Derby was ran too early for a three year old horse.

What is England's oldest Horse Race?

The Kiplingcotes derby which was first ran in 1519

Did the horse Animal Kingdom ran two Kentucky Derby?

Horses can only run in the Kentucky Derby as a three year old. As such, no horse ever runs the Derby more than once.

What horse ran the fastest time at the preakness?

SECRETARIAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best horse ever he holds all records at the Kentucky derby and at the preekness and by 2 second at the belmont he is the best horse ever

What horse has ran the fastest Kentucky Derby?

Secretariat, in 1973. 1:59 2/5ths.

What does a dream about a horse mean?

It means that you ran very fast in the day time. While sleeping your mind resembled the experience of sitting over the horse. That is you dreamt of a horse.

How fast can horses run?

There was a horse in the Kentucky derby that ran it in under 2 min at 37.5 miles an hour. In spurts, many can run about 42 miles an hour, some a little faster.

What is the age of the horses that ran in the original Kentucky Derby day?

They where ten The Derby is a race for Three-Year-Olds, the time when the horse is in its prime: just fully matured and fully muscled, track-broken but still spirited.

What horse won the Kentucky Derby in 2001?

Monarchos won the Kentucky Derby in 2001. He ran the second fastest Derby ever recorded, behind Secretariat. He is one of only two horses (the other being Secretariat, of course) to get a time under 2 minutes.

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