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The Quarter horse is the fastest at a quarter mile (hence the name), but any horse can run a 1/4 mile relatively quickly.

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Q: What horse can run a quarter mile very fast?
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Which horse is better quarter horse or mustang horse?

They are both great horses. Quarter horses can run faster for a quarter of a mile but mustangs are very tough it comes down to which one you think is more pretty!!

Which are the fastest horses?

The fastest horses are thouroughbreds. Thouroghbreds are the horses that are used in races like the Kentucky Derby. Another very fast horse is the Quarter Horse. The Quarter Horse got its name because early settelers used to race them along 1/4 mile track. Every horse is fast but some are simply faster than others.

How fast is a 1995 eclipse rs?

its about a 16 to high 15 second quarter mile so not very fast

Why did the quarter horse make a perfect cowboys horse?

Because they are very fast and can easily chase down cattle.

What are fractions in horse racing?

Fractions are the times for each segment of a thoroughbred horserace. For example, if a horse runs the first quarter mile in 26 seconds and the half mile in 54 seconds, those are considered to be relatively slow fractions. I saw a a race just today where the 1st quarter was run in under 22 seconds. These were high-level sprinters, but that is still a very fast fraction for the first quarter.

How fast does a quarter horse canter?

it vaires from horse to horse. Barrel horses tend to have a very fast canter but in western and hunter under saddle the desired canter is more of a slow lope.

What kind of horse can run a quarter mile very fast?

A quarter horse, thus the name "quarter." I applaud you on your proper pronounciation, capitilization and grammar. As years go on, people get more and more lazier and often just"shrug off" those things. Thank you for believing that taking the time to do that is worth the effort.

What is a quarter horse?

A Quarter Horse is an American-made breed of horse. They are very popular throughout America.

What is the fastest breed of horse?

Over short distances (up to about a quarter mile) it is the American Quarter Horse. For medium distances (up to about 3 miles) the Thoroughbred tends to be the fastest. Over very very long distances (over 5 miles) it is the Arabian.

Are horses considered very fast runners?

Honestly it depends on the horse in the horse world. Thoroughbreds are known as the distance horses and are extremely fast in the races when bred for it. Quarter horses are named such because they are sprinters and can often beat a thoroughbred in a quarter mile race. Arabians in the horse world are often used for pleasure and show but in the middle east, their place of origin, they were used to cross the deserts by the rich instead of camels and were often used in desert races such as is seen in the movie Hidalgo.

Runs a quarter mile in 10.999 seconds or less?

yes, it does. that's a good thing. very fast car. Camaro. love it. live it.

Why is a quarterhorse called a quarter horse?

Quarter Horses got their name from a very distinct characteristic - they could beat any other breed of horse at short distances up to a quarter mile. After this, the leggier Thoroughbreds could beat them, but not at the short sprint. Quarter Horses were bred for their sprinting ability, because a fast sprinting horse could catch up to a cow or calf breaking off from the herd and get it back with the herd before they got too far away. Quarter Horses are still raced in the Plains and West, by the way - if you happen to be out in the US west of the Mississippi River look for local horse shows and you might see a Quarter Horse race.

Why were quarter horses so popular at first?

Quarter horses are still very popular. Everyone was excited because they raced the horses-the breed is famous for sprinting very fast at 1/4 mile distances.

Is a car traveling at a quarter of a mile in 20 seconds fast?

1/4 of a mile in 20 secs is 1 mile in 80 secs or 1 1/3 minutes. This is somewhere around 50 mph so the car is not going very fast at all.But it really depends on the speed limit.

Does a quarter mile equal 400 metes?

Yes - that is a very good approximation. A mile is about 1.6 kilometers.

How do you make a sentences with the word fast?

the horse is very fast

Is swimming a mile in 30 minutes fast?


What is the Best Barell Racing Horse?

There are many horses that do very well in barrel racing. many people use quarter horses or paints, i have also seen many appys. I personaly have done barrel racing with a pinto and a mustang and both did very well. you just need a horse that is fast and can turn fast.

What makes the American Quarter Horse famous?

There are several reasons the American Quarter Horse is famous. First, it is truly an American breed. Second, it is a very versatile breed that is able to use its quick speed to work cattle and is the breed most often used in competitive team penning, rodeo roping, and selecting a single member to cut it and keep it out of a herd of cattle. Third, the American Quarter Horse is also raced in short distances like one-quarter mile, which is how it got the name Quarter Horse. Many Western-style recreational riders prefer Quarter Horses for their intelligent and easy-going temperaments.

What breed of horse is epona on twilight princess?

I do believe Epona does not have a specific breed. She has Palomino coloring, but she is very stocky and has horse feathers, which are Clydesdale traits. She very well could be a mix-breed, though. Epona does very well have Clydesdale traits. The feathers (hairs covering her hooves) on her feet say she is probably a cross with a Clydesdale. Belgians (another draft breed) don't usually have feathers. She is very stocky. Her big hindquarters and shoulders make me think that she probably has some Quarter Horse in her. She is very fast like a Quarter Horse, too. So maybe a Clydesdale/Quarter Horse. They were obviously going for a draft, stocky horse when they were creating her. I bet they looked at stocky breeds and draft horses. Probably seeing the beauty of the feathers and strong muscles on the Clydesdale and the stockiness and speed in the Quarter Horse. (if that was what happened) :) I guess every hero needs a big horse, LoL.

What are horse bucks?

Horse bucks are when the horse lifts its hind legs up very fast.

What breed was the horse in Night at the Museum?

Certainly looked like a very well-bred Quarter Horse to me!

What are the differing characteristics between the Quarter Horse the Arabian and the Quarter Pony?

The Quarter horse and Quarter pony are built nearly the exact same, except the Quarter pony is 14.2 hands and under, while the Quarter horse is 14.3 hands and up. the Quarter horse/pony is bred to be stocky and strong with larger hindquarters and the ability to sprint 440 yards (Quarter of a mile.) It was a lucky chance of breeding that the horses had a natural ability to work with cattle, this is now a feature of the horse. They tend to have slightly 'blocky' or 'bulldog' like heads. Arabians are smaller 13.2 hands and up horses that have been breed for thousands of years to be able to survive in the desert with minimal food and water and to have enough endurance to cover long distances. They are much more finely built than Quarter stock and have very refined heads that are concave in profile.

What horses were bred for speed?

Arabians, Thoroughbreds, American Quarter Horses, and certain Appaloosas were bred for speed. The Arab was smalla nd compact, used maintly for distance. Thoroughbreds are stronger and more agile than an Arab, they also stand much taller, but they varry. Some may run distance, some may sprint, some may be somewhere int he middle. Quater Horses were bred msotly for anything at all. They were fast, agile, strong, loyal, and very smart. They are very fast, but only for a quater mile to half a mile, thus the name American Quarter Horse. Appaloosas were bred by Native Americans for hunting. They are basiclly a combination of Arabs, Thoroughbreds, and Quarter Horses.

Are Arabians the fastest horse breeds?

Answer: Arabians were bred for endurance because they were ridden in areas with harsh conditions etc. I don't know if they are the fastest breed of horse, but I do know that purebred Arabians are generally very high-strung and can be very aggressive. However, mixed breeds usually have a much more laid-back temperament. Hope this helps! The fastest breed is the American Quarter Horse which can reach 55 miles per hour for a quarter of a mile. Thoroughbreds however can keep 40 miles per hour for a mile but even the fleetest Arabian could not achieve the speed of a Thoroughbred or Quarter Horse. Therefore the Arabian is not the fastest.