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the quarter horse

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Q: What horse can run a quarter mile the fastest?
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What horse can run a quarter mile very fast?

The Quarter horse is the fastest at a quarter mile (hence the name), but any horse can run a 1/4 mile relatively quickly.

How did the American quarter horse get there name?

Quarter horses are the fastest horse to run a quarter mile.

What is the orgin of the American Quarter Horse?

The Quarter Horse got its name because it was the fastest horse to run a 1/4 of a mile.

What are the fastest horses?

Quarter horses are the fastest horse over short distances. They are able to run a quarter of a mile faster than any horse. However, thoroughbreds are the fastest horses over long distances.

How fast does a horse run?

The American Quarter Horse is the fastest horse for 1/4 mile and can reach speeds of 40 to 45 mph.

How fast can a quarter horse run a mile?

Quarter horses don't run a mile. They are faster than a Thoroughbred for a quarter mile. At top speed they can run about 55 mph.

Why can quarter horses only run a quarter mile?

A quarter horse can run any length. They are best known for their ability to cover a quarter mile quickly. In organized quarter horse racing, the point is to maintain the original use of the quarter horse. In fact, many thoroughbred horses can run a quarter mile just as quickly, and are heavily used in quarter horse racing bloodlines.

How fast was the fastest horse ever clocked?

ok first the fastest horse is a Quarter horse they can run up to 55 mph remember the fastest land animal is a cheata and it can run 60.

How fast can a horse run a quarter of mile?

That all depends on the environment and the horse :)

Fastest quarter mile run?

400m is 43.18 by Micheal Johnson

Fastest person to run the quarter mile?

Michael Johnson could run 400m (about a few meters shorter that a quarter mile) faster than anyone else.

What made a quarter horse?

they where named because of a myth that says that a Quarter Horse can run over a quarter mile without getting tired.

How fast does a person run a quarter of a mile?

fastest 4 minute mile approx. 1 minute

What horse breed is the fastest at running?

Thoroughbreds are generally the fastest, as they are the most popular breed of racehorse. Quarter Horses can run the fastest for a quarter of a mile, hence their name, but are not the fastest overall. In other parts of the world, Arabians are also commonly used for racing.

What the fastest horse in the world?

The fastest breed is the Thoroughbred. the fastest recorded thoroughbred in the world was the secretarian, the reason of this was because he had a heart two times the size of the average horse. Quarter horses are actually faster than thoroughbreds over about a quarter of a mile. While thoroughbreds run about 45-50 mph, quarter horses have been known to run at 55 mph for short periods of time.

Are Quarter horses the fastest horse breed?

Thoroughbreds are the fastest horse breed in long races 40 mph. Quarter horses run shorter races at around 50 mph.

How did the American quarter horse gets it name?

They originally got the name quarter horse from races that used to be held where the horses would run a quarter mile.

What is the average fasted quarter horse speed?

I believe that the fastest an average quarter horse can run is about thirty to forty mph at top speed.

Average speed of a quarter horse?

American Quarter Horses are the fastest horse in the world, and one of the fastest animals. They can run at speeds up to 55 mph. They can cover a quarter-mile in less than 21 seconds, starting from a flat-footed standstill, hence there name the quarter horse. i hope this somewhat helped :)

How fast can a tobiano paint horse run?

Tobiano, being a color pattern, matters not on the speed of a horse. A Paint is derived from the Quarter Horse. At best, the fastest run given by a Quarter Horse at a quarter mile race was 55 mph. Although, this is the clocked speed from a race horse with impeccable conformation and breeding for speed. But an average horse at a full gallop typically has a speed of 35 mph.

What is Paint horse speed?

The Paint horse is just a Quarter Horse with excessive white in his coat color. So for a quarter mile the Paint can run about 45 mph.

What is the fastest 10 mile run?

the fastest 10 mile run is 44.24 minutes

Which runs faster a camel or a race horse?

A horse is faster than a camel. The American Quarter Horse can run at speeds up to 40 miles an hour for a quarter mile.

How quick can a horse run a quarter mile from stand still?

This would depend on a few things, but as a general rule a horse can sprint quite quickly and can cover a quarter of a mile in well under a minute.

How many hours can a horse run?

Which breed are you talking about? I know a quarter horse can run a quarter of a mile in 1 min. or so. I would say Arbians can run the longest.AnswerWhich breed are you talking about? Quarter horses can run a quarter of a mile in a min. or so. I would say an Arabian can run tha longest though.