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The holes that comprise amen corner 11,12 and 13 holes. Augusta National Golf stretches 3 holes and in total is 7,435 yd in length and was open in 1933.

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Q: What holes comprise amen corner?
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What are holes 11 12 and 13 known as at Augusta National?

Amen Corner.

What is the collective name for the 11th 12th and 13th holes at Augusta National?

It is known as Amen corner.

What is Amen Corner?

It is a stretch of 3 holes at Augusta National Golf Club, 11, 12 and 13.

When was The Amen Corner created?

The Amen Corner was created in 1954.

How many pages does The Amen Corner have?

The Amen Corner has 144 pages.

When was Amen Corner - musical - created?

Amen Corner - musical - was created in 1983.

Where can you find Amen Corner?

You can find Amen Corner around the St. Paul's Cathedral in England, London. You can also find Amen Corner in a suburb in Bracknell, Berkshire, England.

How did Amen Corner get its name?

In an article for Sports Illustrated in 1958 Herbert Warren Wind used the term 'Amen corner'. Some have said it is so called as you need to pray you get to the 14th tee without dropping a shot over the last 3 holes.

Which famous US golf course is the home of Amen Corner?

Amen Corner is a famous part of Augusta National Golf Club.

What is holes numbers 11 12 and 13 known as at the masters tournament in Augusta Georgia?

These holes are known as Amen Corner. It is one of the most exciting stretches of holes in all of golf. It is so called because you have to pray you can finish these holes less than even par!

How did the Amen Corner get its name?

"Amen Corner" was so christened following the 1958 Masters by writer Herbert Warren Wind in an article in Sports Illustrated.

What is the word romaccnener unscrambled?

necromancer Amen corner + c

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