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the easton s19 and reebok 11k are both realy good sticks. they are both top of the line for both companies. it just depends wich one you like and feel good with

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โˆ™ 2011-10-18 14:48:22
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Q: What hockey stick is better the s19 or the 11k?
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Is the S19 the best hockey stick?


How much is the easton s19 hockey stick?

around $350 in Canada

What is the most light hockey stick?

reebok 10 k or s19 or s17

What hockey stick does malkin use?

Eston Stealth RS, but he used to use the S19

When does the new s19 hockey stick come in to stores?

Go onto the website, and you can pre-order it on there!

What kind of hockey stick does Kris letang use?

I believe Letang has used a few different sticks in his career. He currently (2011-2012) uses an Easton S19 stick.

What is the best hockey stick 2012?

in my opinion and lots of other people's opinion it is the easton s19 or else the easton stealth rs it is good to

What is the most expensive hockey stick on the market?

The Easton S19 while a good stick, is defiantly not the most expensive stick at $129. The most expensive sticks are the Bauer Supreme TotalOne NXG and the Eston Stealth RS2.

What kind of hockey stick is better the Bauer x60 or the easton s19?

The X:60 by far. Last year I had the Bauer XXXX, and I loved it. With all the new improvements from the XXXX to the X:60, this is going to be even better. The S19 is the same thing as the S17, but with a new design and higher $$$$s. I had a friend who went through 4 S17 in six months.

What stick does drew doughty use?

he uses an easton s19

What hockey stick does Teemu Selanne use?

Last season 2011-2012 he used a Easton eq50 with his traditional curve. Before that it was a Easton s19 but it was only painted that way because it didn't have the elliptical taper the s19 has. It has the taper of a synergy. The curve was still the same square toe real tall profile.

What stick does James Neal use?

Easton S19 pure I believe

What is the best composite ice hockey stick for a second year Pee Wee hockey player?

The best way to determine this is by trying several different styles and types. Bauer one95, TotalOne, or Easton s19 are some likely choices. But s19's and TotalOne's are for college to NHL players. One80's, s7's, s11's, and s13's are good for peewee to midget players.

Which hockey stick should you get Reebok 8.0.8 Bauer X60 or easton s19?

It depends which brand of sticks you have been using in the past. If you have been using reebok i would recommend sticking with reebok. If you have been using the vapor line than stick with that. And the same deal goes. You can always try something new but personally i would stick with what im used to. I have been using an s17 until it broke so now im going to get a s19. But the choice is yours. I used to love vapors but then i switched to easton.

What stick is used most by NHL players?

i would say the easton s19 grip

Easton S19 or Bauer One95?

Totally Easton S19....I mean seriously....I have it and it's amazing. It has awesome handling and it is very durable, u can pretty much snipe any goalie with it. I have both used the S19 and One95 and right now I'm leaning towards going back to using the One95. I find that the One95 is better for loading up on slap shots and with it's rounded edges it just feels better in my hands. I don't think you can go wrong with either stick, it just comes down to personal preference.

Is a easton s19 better than a easton eq50?

It really all depends on what type of player you are

Is an 85 flex easton S19 stick too much for a 5'7 145 pounder?

No im 5'5 and weigh 130 and use one with no problem

Where can you buy a custom Easton S19?

What hockey stick is best.Easton Stealth S17.Easton Synergy S17.Or the Nike Bauer One95?

First, the stick is actually called the Easton Stealth S17 and it is currently being discontinued because it isn't durable enough so if you want an easton you should get a the newer version of the S17 (the Easton Stealth S19) or the older S15. If you are lucky, you can find a S17 somewhere on the internet if your willing to take chances. Get a easton stick, i've had both a s15 and a one95 which was way newer and my One95 is already broken when my s15 is still holding up great. Go For An Easton stick

Who is Chris hazen?

Kid That Dangels With S19 !

Where can you customize your own s19?

up your butt

Easton se16 vs easton s19?

easton s19 is made to do pretty much every thing while the se16 is made for just shoting and carring the puck

What actors and actresses appeared in The Chair from Room S19 - 1994?

The cast of The Chair from Room S19 - 1994 includes: Nick Alpress as Carrier David Brkic as Sitter

What is the best hockey stick brand?

Ok. Personally I think easton which is used more by players in the NHL. If you like to keep control of the puck with good balance plus like deking(Dangler. Best position:Winger or maybe center.) I recommend you use the Easton EQ50. I have that stick and it is the best stick I have ever had. If you like to be distribute the puck and like quick wrist and snap shots then get the Easton Stealth S19(Playmaker. Best position:Center). It will help you make a great snap and wrist shot. If you like taking hard wrist shots and hard slap shots there should be no question on what stick is for you...the SE16. This stick is outstanding. Zdeno Chara broke the record for the fastest shot ever using this stick reaching 105.4 MPH. This stick is fantastic for a defensman and is the most used stick in the NHL by defense!