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Q: What high schools should you go to if you want to get a basketball scholarship to duke university?
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Why should you be awarded a scholarship in huddersfield university international foundation year course or why i merit being awarded a scholarship?

for studing academic English fir study MSc

What do you have to do get an scholarship for a performing arts high school?

You really need to go to that schools website. That should give you plenty of info.

Are there schools that offer online six sigma classes?

Yes there are a few schools that offer the Six Sigma training online. You should look into Capella University, DeVry University, University of Phoenix, or Villanova University. One of these should suit your company's needs.

Should you transfer schools if you are not happy with the touches your getting at Runningback?

Yes. If you want to get a scholarship from a good team or want to go to the NFL. then yes you should transfer.

I'm a student 4th year of pharmacy at the university of abidjan(Ivory Coast).I'm looking for a pharmacy post graduate scholarship in singapore.what do I have to do?

You should visit the sit The best way is to find your local scholarship organization. A well-known scholarship organization is Fulbright.

Why should you get this scholarship?

A person should get a scholarship for many reasons. They may deserve the scholarship because of educational accomplishments or because of financial reasons.

Why should the scholarship pick you for the merit scholarship?

Because I'm the best.

Why you should be selected for the scholarship?

I should be selected for the scholarship because of my academic achievements, leadership skills, and dedication to making a positive impact in my community. I have a strong passion for learning and a clear vision for how I can contribute to society with the help of this scholarship.

Should you have sports teams in schools?

well not so much elementary but middle and high schools yes; especially high school cause that's when collages are going to be looking for people for scholarship's. also it keeps students active.

Schools making students that play sports maintain a c average?

I'm not exactly sure the question that you are asking, but I'm going to assume it is why. Sports are a privilege not a right, school should be a top priority especially in high school. Yes you can get to University on a sports scholarship but once you are there, if you have not applied yourself in high school and don't have the knowledge you are going to struggle pretty hard in college or university.

What should you get your basketball coach?

You should get your basketball coach a Basketball because they love Basketball

Where can I receive Radiology Tech training?

There are various schools throughout California specializing in Radiology. The University of California system of schools have various technical schools which specialize in radiology as well. Those should be checked out!