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oak grove in Mississippi

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Q: What high school team did Brett Favre play for?
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Did Brett Favre's father play in the NFL?

No he did not. He coached Brett's High School Varsity team.

What high school football team did Brett Favre play for?

oak grove

How many years did Brett Favre play on the Jets?

brett favre didnt play on the jets idiot

What are facts about Brett Favre?

he can throw 110mph. when he was little and when he played football he was the wide receiver and he kept on getting hurt so he wannted to play another position so he chose to play quarterback and there are some other facts on Brett favre.comBrett Favre's middle name is Lorenzo. When Atlanta gave Brett to the Green Bay Packers, they thought they were robbing the Packers. Favre merried his high school sweet heart. Brett was bron on October 10, 1969 in Gulfport, Mississippi. Brett has 3 siblings, Scott, Jeff, and Brandi. Brett Favre's high school football number was 10.

Is Brett Favre going to play this year?

No. On March 4, 2008 Brett Favre retired.

Did Brett favre play for Oregon?

No. Brett Favre played his college football for Southern Mississippi

Does Brett Favre play football?


What team does Brett Favre play for in 2011?

Brett Favre retired from the National Football League after the 2010 season.

Did Brett Favre ever play on the Chicago Bears?

Favre was never a Bear.

Did Brett Favre play for the New York Jets?

Yes. Brett Favre played for the New York Jets in 2008.

How long did Brett Favre play in pro football?

Brett Favre played 20 seasons in the NFL (1991-2010).

What inspired Brett Favre to become a professional football player?

Brett Favre had always liked to play football since his dad, Irvin Favre, was a football coach for high school. Growing up Irvin taught Brett to always aim your dreams high and go for them no matter the height. But in Favre's Senior year of college, he got into a near fatal car accident and the first thing he asked the doctors was "Will I be able to play football still?" His inspiration is that he did what his dad said and aimed high and follow through and that made him the player he is today.

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