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I am told that Tiger Woods attended Cypress High School for his freshman year ('88-'89) but transferred to Western after that year. He graduated from Western Class of '92. I am looking to get this verified though. ;)

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Tiger Woods graduated from Western High School in Anaheim in 1994.

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Q: What high school did Tiger Woods attend?
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How did Tiger Woods attend high school?

he just walked right on in

Where did Tiger Woods go to middle school?

Tiger Woods attended college at Stanford University. It was here that he was named an All-American on a golf scholarship.

Did Tiger Woods go to Foothill High School?

No, he went to Western High School.

What high school did Wood go to?

It seems Tiger Woods has always been a celebrity, first appearing on TV as a toddler. However, he did attend a regular high school like other teens-- Western High School in Anaheim, Ca.

What is Tiger Woods favorite subject in high school?


Did Tiger Woods play any other sports in high school?


Where did Tiger Woods go to Highschool?

Western High School in Orange County, California

Did Tiger Woods do well in high school?

Realistically... How is anyone here going to know this information.

Who is the last player to win a high school college and pro championship in the same sport?

Tiger Woods -- Golf

Did Tiger Woods droped out of school?

Tiger Woods graduated from high school in Anaheim CA in 1994. He enrolled at Stanford University, where he studied economics and played on the golf team for 2 years. He dropped out of college after his sophomore year to become a professional golfer.

When was Briar Woods High School created?

Briar Woods High School was created in 2005.

When was Cypress Woods High School created?

Cypress Woods High School was created in 2006.