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Christian Ronaldo never attended high school. He went to a school in the Sporting Lisbon training center that he was member of at the age of 12. He left when he turned 16 to sign a sports contract.

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C. Ronaldo was from a very poor family and his father was a drunkard so he never went to any school in Portugal.

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Christiano Ronaldo never went to school so college is out of the question.

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Q: What high school did Christiano ronaldo go to?
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Why didnt Cristiano Ronaldo go to college?

The reason Christiano Ronaldo did not go to college, is that he came from a poor family, as his father was a very heavy drinker.

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No Mr Hey Christiano Ronaldo will not be leaving Manchester United , to join Real Madrid in the summer.

Where did Cristiano Ronaldo went to school?

When he moved to Lisbon from Madeira when he was 12, he went to the school attached to the training centre for young players at Sporting Lisbon (the club he belonged to.) He left school at 16 when he was old enough to sign a professional contract with Sporting.

Where Cristiano Ronaldo go to school?

He was to poor to go to school.

Did Cristiano Ronaldo go to a school?

Yes, he did in Portugal.

What nicknames does Christiano go by?

Christiano goes by Chris.

What was Wayne Rooney's primary school called?

No he was tutored at Everton.And like Ronaldo did not go to school.

What nicknames does Christiano Cochrane go by?

Christiano Cochrane goes by Chris.

What school lesson does Cristiano Ronaldo like?

He was far to poor to go to school, so he had no subject that he liked.

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what high school did she go to and where!!!!!!!!!!

Who is best between christiano ronaldo and mess?

Well it is really hard to judge on both players but my opinion is that ronaldo is much better with speed and power but with skill and dribbling in has got to be messi. But thing that is important is that messi has still go alot to play and he is already rated the best player and ronaldo is 27 ..... I think whilst messi is 23-24.

How much time do you have to be in school to become a pro soccer player?

You do not have to go to school to be a footballer. Some famous ones like Ronaldo, Ronoldhino and Pele did not go to school.