What high school Tim Tebow attended?

Updated: 11/23/2022
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Q: What high school Tim Tebow attended?
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Did Tim Tebow go to LSU?

No. Tim Tebow attended college at the University of Florida.

Did Urban Meyer recruit Tim Tebow?

Tim Tebow attended the University of Florida on scholarship.

Was Tim Tebow a bull rider in high school?


Did Tim Tebow start qb in high school?

Yes, for EASE High School

Did Tim Tebow play his last high school game with a broken ankle?


What high school did Tim Tebow play football for before the University of Florida?

Tim Tebow played for two different schools during his high school years. He played one season for the Trinity Christian Academy and then moved on to play for Nease.

When did Tim Tebow join the NFL?

he started to play in Florida at nease high school

What school was Tim Tebow in during 2002?

home school

What high school did Tim Wakefield attend?

Tim Wakefield attended Eau Gallie High School and graduated in 1984. Eau Gallie High School is located in Melbourne, Florida.

Where did Tim Burtons go to college?

Tim Burton attended the California Institute of the Arts.

Where did Tim berners-lee go to school after high school?

After high school, Tim Berners-Lee attended The Queen's College of the University of Oxford. There, he earned a degree in physics.

How high did Tim Tebow get drafted?

Tim Tebow was a first round draft pick in 2010.The 25th pick in the 1st round