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Scuba buoyancy is the most fundamental diving skill. Mastering buoyancy control enables a diver to use less effort to maintain his position while diving.

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Q: What helps a scuba diver sink and float?
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Explain the advantages of being neutrally buoyant when you are a scuba diver.?

You do not float to the surface nor do you sink- you stay at the level you swim to.

Does fish swim with bladder helps it sink or float?


When a piece of material is immersed in a liquid of equal density the material will?

Neither float (which it would if the material were less dense) nor sink (which it would if it were more dense). It will "hover" wherever you place it in the liquid, like a scuba diver who has neither negative nor positive buoyancy.

What can float and what can sink?

Hmmm. Canned/Tinned fruit will most certainly sink. Most fruits straight off from the tree will float. However, if the fruits are not ripe, they might sink as they are very dense. A coconut will most certainly float. A packet of biscuits (unopened) will float for a long time. Oatmeal flakes will float for a while, then sink to the bottom. Potatoes and carrots will sink. Lettuce and cabbage will float Regards.

Do clothes float or sink?

it will float as long as it is not fully covered water.

Will arsenic float or sink in pure water?

does Arsenic float or sink

Why does a scuba diver need more weight in the ocean than in fresh water?

Salt water is denser than fresh water, hence, it requires more weight to sink in salt water.

Will a marker float or sink in water?

I have a marker which float in water.

Does dolomite sink or float?


How do you make a chocolate sink or float?

How can you make a chocolate float or sink

What make stuff sink and float?

what make stuff sink or and float

Will scoria float or sink in water?

scoria will sink but pumice will float.