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In USA the offical height is 10 feet

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 12:25:42
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Q: What height should you set a basketball ring at?
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What is the standard height of a college basketball goal?

The ring is set at 10 feet high.

What is the NBA ring height?

It is set at 10 feet from the ground.

Should a wedding ring be the same metal as the engagement ring?

Yes, the wedding ring and the engagement ring should be the same metal. You can purchase a set to make the two pieces work together.

How do you use 'height' in a sentence?

Basketball hoops are officially set to a certain height. Your driver's license will include such information as your height and weight. The cliff's dizzying height gave it a commanding view of the surrounding countryside.

What is the vertical height above floor level to set a basketball hoop?

regulation size is 10 feet off the ground

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what should be height of stack of 1250 kva D.G as per Indian pollution boardA: it should be 7.1 meter + building height of 1250kva Dg set installed.

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What are some tips for choosing bridal rings sets?

Bridal ring sets should complicate the engagement ring set you have purchased. One should also consider the shape of the ring to ensure that it fits onto the finger.

How high is the basketball rim?

Height of a Basketball RimThe official amateur, professional, and international rim height is ten feet (120") above the playing floor to the top of the rim.Unofficially, it can be set at any height that is wanted, to achieve a desired utility for the participant(s).

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"Ready, set, go" meaning that the ring is ready to bet set (with a stone) and then sold.

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At what age is little tikes basketball hoop appropriate?

Little Tikes makes several different basketball hoop products. Their smallest hoop - the TotSports Basketball Set - is desinged for children as young as 1 and 1/2 years of age to five years of age. They also make an adjustable height basketball hoop for older children in elementary school.

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What little tikes basketball set does Target sell?

Target sells the EasyScore little tykes basketball set. It is a great set for young kids who might have an interest in learning to play basketball for the first time.

What is a quick offensive move by a player trying to get free for a pass in basketball?

Your teamate should help set a pick for you

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If it is a plain wedding band then there should be no problem but it is advisable to have your ring cleaned from time to time. If however gems are set on to the band, not advisable then to wash your hands with your rings on

What are Set plays in basketball?

A 'set' play is a designed play that the team has practiced many times. A set play in basketball is a pick and roll

How do you set up an older type huffy portable basketball stand?

information on how to set up a huffy basketball stand

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There is no set length as it needs to be relative to your height.

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