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A 12 year old should use a regulation Basketball hoop. You do not want your 12 year old to get use to a shorter hoop. A standard hoop is 10 feet high.

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Q: What height should basketball hoops be for 12 year olds?
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What height is an 11 year olds basketball hoop?

10 Feet

What height do netball hoops have to be for 14 year olds?

THIS IS RUBBISH WHOEVER SAID 6 ft ---the height of a full size net is 10ft--- because 6ft is about the height of my dad and that is tiny! Sorry but get the facts before you answer! :)

How much should ten year-olds weigh?

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What should a 15 year olds weight be?

Weight is worked out on height not age.

How high should a netball hoop be for 9 year olds?

Netball hoops for 9 year olds depend weather they are playing netta or netball. for netball its 2.5 m and netta is 1.5

How many cm should a 13 year olds thigh's be?

it depends on your height and weight. -E

How tall should your 8 year old be?

Average 8-year-olds' height should be around 3'12 to 4'1.

How high should a netball hoop be for 13 year olds?

10 feet, the same as adult height.

What is the normal height for a 12 olds?


What should the weight of a child age 12 be?

Well i think that 12-year-olds should weigh in between 90lbs. and 120lbs. But it all depends on your height.

Why 14 year olds should drive?

so yhu can go to yhur job and to skool and to skool events like basketball games

What is the height of a netball post for 11?

10 years and under play with 2.4 metre high hoops; 13 years and over play with 3.05 metre (8 feet) hoops, but 11 & 12 year olds sometimes play with 2.4 metres, 2.6 metres or 3.05 metres, depending on local rules. At least that is what happens in New Zealand.

What size basketball for 7-8 year olds - Size 27.5?


What is the average length for a 13 year olds basketball throw?

7.5 meters

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The weight depends upon the height. Not all 8 year olds are the same height.

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Thirteen year olds should be in eighth grade.

Average height of 12 year olds 100 years ago?


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Average height for an 11 year olds?

girls-4'11 boy-5'2

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It will depend on the 10 year old. All 10 year olds are not the same height.

What are some fun games 14 year olds can play outside in the summer?

Basketball Swimming

What sport is most popular for 11 year olds?

Usually it's either baseball or basketball.

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The average height for a 12 year old will depend on several things such as genetics. Many 12 year old are between 4'5" in height up to 5'5" in height.