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It doesn't matter how tall you are, it matters how tall you play. You can be 4"11 and still make the team. As long as you're a good enough player, you can make the Olympic women's volleyball team.

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There is no height limit. If you are good enough at volleyball, no matter how short you are, you can make the team.

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Q: What height do you have to be to be an olympian volleyball player?
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Does height matter in volleyball?

if you have a good technique, enjoy the sport and your an alright player, i say you go for it.

What is volleyball net height?

7 ft and 4 1/4 in. is the height of the women's volleyball net.

What is the quicker in volleyball?

A quick set in volleyball is when the setter sets the middle player at a very low height to surprise the other team at the speed of the ball.

What is the 14 and under volleyball net height for AAU volleyball?

Seven feet

How height is the net for volleyball men?

A men's Volleyball net is 2.43 meters long.A women's Volleyball net is 2.24 meters long.And for bonus the length of a Volleyball court is 18 meters and the width of a Volleyball court is 9 meters. :)

High school volleyball women net height?

The net height in girls' high school volleyball is 7' 4-1/8"

What is an advantage of volleyball?

Height, Strength, being able to jump are all advantages of volleyball

A players heigh to play volleyball?

A player can be any height if you are tall you are mosy likely a hitter. if you are short, you would probably be a passer.

What are the name of a person in a volleyball game?

A Volleyball Player?

What is the volleyball net height in meeter?

3 meeter

What is the name of player who play Beach volleyball?

One famous beach volleyball player is Misty May Treanor. Also Kerri Welsh is a famous beach volleyball player. Holly McPeak is a famous beach volleyball player. Add on if you know any more beach volleyball players!

What is the right weight for a junior volleyball player?

You don't have to be a certain weight to play volleyball, the average weight for a junior volleyball player is 183 lbs.