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today's life is better than olden days

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Q: What has changed since the olden days to now?
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Has crime changed now compared to the olden days?

Very little, if at all. Only the means by which it can be perpetrated have improved.

Hows fashion changed since the 90s?

In the olden days people wore big sticky out skirts with hoops but now people wear really tiny slips of clothing no bigger than your nans hankie, simple as really.

How has Maine changed since colonial days?

Maine has changed greatly since Colonial days. Maine has advanced industries like the fishing and lobster industries in place now.

How have the Iroquois changed since earlier days?

Probably not. If you were a test would show it by now.

Why are now days better that the olden days?

Actually olden days were better because my teacher said back then when he left for vacation he could leave the door open and nobody would rob him but now you really CANT TRUST ANYONE

Will work change in the future?

Yes absolutely, Because if you look at work it has already changed like in olden days most people was farmer a and now most people need a computer !

What are the economic features of the 1900?

yes it has because women are indepent now a days than they were in da olden days

What is the difference between olden day and modern day transport?

in the olden days they went by horse or foot now we go by car,train,plane and bike.

How has slavery impacted Africa?

it hasnet because there is still slavery still going on now in the days but alot has changed since back in the old days

What food did peopele eat in olden days?

They ate mostly meat and vegetables like we do now.

Could you preserve bodies in tombs?

Yes. In the olden days but now it is mostly preserved in the mortuary

How boats have changed?

they have changed over time because in the olden days they had no windows no roofs so when it would rain it gets all wet and when driving it would be very windthey have changed how safety it is like now we have seat beats and old cars did not