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Q: What has been North Carolina's lowest NCAA tournament seed?
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What is the lowest scoring game in NCAA tournament history?

The lowest scoring game in NCAA history was between North Carolina and Pittsburgh in 1941. Their combined score was only 46.

What was the lowest ranked team to win the NCAA tournament?

Villanova was the lowest seed to win the tournament as an 8 seed in 1985.

Who is the lowest seed to win the NCAA women's tournament?


How many teams in North Carolina made it in the 2011 NCAA tournament?

North Carolina has Three Teams in the NCAA Tournament Duke, North Carolina, UNC-Ashville

What teams did not make the NCAA tournament after winning the tournament in the previous year?

Michigan State did not make the NCAA tournament in 1980 after winning the championship in 1979. Florida did not make the NCAA tournament in 2008 after winning the 2007 championship. North Carolina won the NCAA tournament in 2009 and will not make the tournament in 2010.

What team did Villanova play most in NCAA tournament?

The team that Villanova played the most in the NCAA tournament in 2014 was Cincinnati.

How many times have duke and north Carolina played each other in the NCAA tournament?

They have never played another in the NCAA tournament

Which teams from the ACC are in the tournament and what percentage of the tournament is this?

In 2012, there are (or were) four teams in the NCAA tournament: Duke, Florida State, North Carolina and North Carolina State. That is 4/68 or 5.9% of the tournament. Actually, in 2011, the seven teams that were in the NCAA tournament were: Virginia, North Carolina, Duke, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Boston College and Virginia Tech. That constituted 7/65 of the entire NCAA tournament or 10.8%

Who won the NCAA basketball tournament in 2005?

North Carolina

Who is the lowest seed to win the NCAA men's tournament?

8 Seed Villanova in 1985

What is the lowest score in NCAA tournament finals history?

53 uconn 41 butler

What is lowest seeded team to win NCAA Basketball Tournament?

Villanova (#8) in 1985

What was Villanova seeded in the 1985 NCAA tournament?

8th, the lowest seed to win it all

What is the lowest seed to ever win a the NCAA tournament?

8 seeded Vilanova in 1985

Which NCAA college basketball teams have the most NCAA tournament wins?


Which NCAA division 1 basketball team has the most NCAA tournament appearances?

Including the 2009 NCAA Tournament... Kentucky - 50 UCLA - 43 North Carolina - 41 Kansas - 38

What are the lowest seeds ever to play in a NCAA basketball title?

Since the NCAA implemented the 64 seed tournament format in 1985, the lowest seed to make it to the NCAA championship game was #8 seeded Villanova in 1985.

What was the lowest seeded team to win the ncaa basketball tournament?

8 Villanova over Georgetown

What women's team one the NCAA tournament in 1994?

North Carolina

Which state has the most teams in the NCAA tournament this year?

North Carolina

How many times has North Carolina made the NCAA tournament?


Which state has the most teams in the 2012 ncaa tournament?

North Carolina.

Who won the 1933 NCAA tournament?

There was no 1933 NCAA Tournament. The first NCAA Tournament was in 1939 with Oregon beating Ohio State in the Finals.

How many of 64 teams were from north or South Carolina in NCAA tournament?


What is most points North Carolina has scored in NCAA tournament game?