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you get a 9

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Q: What happens when you knock 8 pins down on the first ball and only knock down 1 pin with the second ball?
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Is it called a turkey when you score a strike with a second ball in bowling?

A turkey is 3 strikes in a row. You can only get a strike on the first ball of the frame. If you knock down all the pins on the 2nd ball of a frame it is a spare not a strike.

What does - mean in a game of bowling?

A dash mark is used to indicate an open for the game of bowling. As an example, in the first frame, the first ball knocked down 5 pins and the second ball did not knock any more over, the score would appear as a 5-

What does a strike mean in bowling?

A strike is a thing they called by a umpier in history, a strike would be when someone stops work to get better pay, or shorter hours or to even force an employer to agree to meet some other demand.

What happens in a game of golf when you can't find your first ball drop a second hit and then find the first ball?

At this point you have already made the decision to take the penalty and should proceed with the 2nd ball Answer by FutureLPGAgolfer Once you DROP, there is no going back, even if you havn't hit yet and you found it, the penalty counts still and you MUST hit the second ball.

How do you beat level 4 in Greece on civiballs?

-first drop the second gray ball to the left -then the gray ball on the right will be swinging so you click it and it will go into the hole with the gray ball -then you click the gray ball on the left -then you click the shooter thing and it will knock the red and green balls into their right holes hope this helped :)

How do you bowl a spare?

A spare in bowling is when you knock down all of the pins with both deliveries in a single frame. So, if you knocked down 7 pins on your first ball and knocked down the remaining 3 pins with your second ball, that would be considered a spare.

Baseball rule when Milton Bradley threw the ball into the stands?

A player hits the ball and heads toward first. When an opponent fields the ball and throws it over the first baseman's head and into the stands, the player can go to first and then to second. He can go to the base he is going to and one more. The same thing happens if it goes into the dugout. If the player had touched first base and started heading for second when the ball flew over the first baseman's head, the runner could have gone to third. Usually, the runners are glad when the ball hits the wall and does not go in the stands because they are fast enough to make it to second and if it hits at the right angle he can make it to third.

Can a rugby player deliberetly knocks the ball back?

A rugby player can deliberately knock the ball back, but he/she cannot deliberately knock it forward.

What happens if you hit the baseball with people on first and second and the guy on second runs to third and back and the guy on first goes to second and the guy with the ball tags the base who is out?

well im new at this website so...yea anyways... the guy on second would be out because the guy on first did the right thing to go to second because the batter had to get on first so its a force run... second baser should have gone on third... so the guy that was on second is out!!! theres your answer!!!

How do you pass level 13 werebox?

First, turn the smallest box into a ball so it will land underneath the wood thing. Then, turn the red box into a ball. Lastly, turn the biggest box into a ball and it will knock the red ball off.

Can you get more than 1 master ball without cheats?

you make a lot of money and buy another one. knock knock knock

Why was the bowling ball made?

To knock down the pins.