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You must give the ball to the opposing team.

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Q: What happens when you get tagged in tag rugby?
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How many tags are attached in tag rugby?

there are two tags in tag rugby!

Tag rugby rules?

Tag rugby is a sport that is often played in schools. The rules are the same as normal rugby but you tag people rather than tackle.

Is there rugby in the para Olympics?

There is... it is like tag rugby

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Tag Rugby Physical Rugby Wheelchair Rugby Rugby Union Rugby League Women's Rugby

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Tackle an opponent

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What is against to do in a tag rugby game?

Tackle a player

Is there a tag rugby league on the isle of man?


How many schools play rugby in England?

I don't know personally, but my school plays tag rugby and we have a rugby club, where we play touch rugby and some full contact.

Does the runner have to be tagged out in softball?

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