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Most people will take a dive and milk a penalty. It's soccer, it's expected.

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Q: What happens when you get kicked in the knee in a soccer game?
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A soccer player got kicked on the front of the leg below the knee The knee began to swell get hot and painful what has happened?

i think you need to study for it then have people answer your questions

What are things used in a soccer game?

cleets, shin guards, knee high socks, jerseys. shorts, and of course, a soccer ball.

What organ is used for kicking a soccer ball?

A soccer ball is kicked by the muscles of the leg, including the quadriceps (thigh muscle) and gastrocnemius (calf muscle), pivoting the knee to contact the ball through the bones and muscles of the ankle and foot.

What is the most common knee injury?

That sport would have to be soccer. all you use in soccer is your knee and its been proven that its most common in soccer players.

What is an alliteration using an k?

Katy kicked Keri's knee

What are the injuries in sport?

sprained angle, knee, pulled hamstring, bleeding Most likely is that soccer players will get knee problems... i have a knee problem from soccer since i was nine.

What is the homonym for knead?

Need (requirement) or kneed (struck or kicked with the knee)

Yesterday I had a soccer game and today my knee is sore- it hurts to go down stairs and things like that- normally my knee don't bother me at all after running or a soccer game- What does this mean?

This most likely means that you didn't stretch well enough before or after the game. It should wear off but if it continues hurting you should consult with your doctor.

Are knee high socks cool?

sure if your a soccer fairy

Who does the best knee slide celebration in soccer?

Didier drogba

What are those soccer socks called?

knee socks. the long socks are allegedly where the name "soccer" comes from.

In what ways are soccer players suited for soccer?

Soccer players have practice and gear. Here is a list of gear.Shin pads ( To protect the shin- a place that can be kicked easily, between the ankle and knee)Ankle guard (A glove like pad with hard padding to protect the ankle)Cleats (With a hard toe and back to protect from kicks)Goalie gloved for the goalie

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