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From what I have seen in TV shows, on Dog With a Blog, water pours down from the ceiling. But in real-life, I'm guessing that the toilet woud, obviously, be clogged up and you would have to ring up the plumbers. Also, you might have some problems with the toilet.

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It goes down into your septic system.

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you die

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Q: What happens when you flush a tennis ball down the toilet?
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What did Thomas crapper do?

He invent the Flush toilet And the Ball-cock

Will a toilet flush if there is a tennis ball in it?

Generally no, depending on how old the toilet is (because older toilets came in all shapes and sizes, but newer ones are more standardized). If a tennis ball plugs the waterway -- and it should -- no flushing will happen. As a sidenote, we used to carry tennis balls when sailing in case there was a problem with the Head.

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How can you track toilet water to discharge?

Flush a ping pong ball or some vegetable dye in the bowl

How do you fix a dual flush toilet?

A defective flush valve causes the leak in toilets. A flush valve is a flap or ball plunger device that is supposed to act as a stopper in the bottom of the toilet tank. So to fix your toilet and save water, get any professional plumber to repair the valve or complete replacement kit .

What if your toilet makes a noise out of no were?

Your ballcock is comming on -- replace tank ball or sometimes you have to change out flush valve -- but change tank ball first and see if that will do it You hardly ever have to change flush valve -- Your ballcock is what lets water come into your tank

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