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Oxygen will low and soil erosion will started

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Something bad. Let's leave it at that.

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Q: What happens when you cut 2 many trees?
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What happens to the volume of the air when you cut down trees?

If you cut down about 10 the volume goes down 5 if you cut 9 its 4 if you cut 8 its 3 if you cut 7 its 2 if you cut 6 its 1 But if you cut 5 or LESS No volume goes down!

Is it against the law to cut down trees without planting new ones?

Yes it is. You may log, although if you cut down 2 trees you MUST replant 4 more, so that there is double the amount of living trees. It is illegal to cut down trees without replanting new ones.

Are mulberry trees messy weeds that should be cut down?

No they r very good 2 r nice trees 2 have in the yard

How do you make timber from trees?

well u cut the trees down and then u giv it 2 the manufactures and they make it in2 wood

How many animals die per year in Maryland due to trees being cut down?

4 million 3,000 and 2 on procise workings out

How tress are cut down in The Sims 2 castaway by sims?

You just cut them down really I have never played sims 2 but it's sounds like just cut down the trees

What about the number of trees which are cut annually?

Every year, on average, the amount of trees that are cut down are about the size of Ireland and 2 billion of those trees go to making paper.The fact is, world consumption of paper has grown 400% in the last 40 years.Nearly 4 billion trees worldwide are cut down each year for paper, representing about 35% of all harvested trees.

Why shouldn't we cut down trees?

It is harmful to cut down trees because we breathe out Carbon Dioxide and the trees clean it through there leaves and with out them we would be breathing bad air. Also that is why lots of people get colds in winter because the trees dont have leaves.

All but 2 are apple trees all but 2 are cherry trees and all but 2 are peach trees how many trees are there?

Three trees: one apple, one cherry, one peach.

How are the rain forests being destroyed?

They are being destroyed because humans cut down the trees in the rainforest. And when we cut down trees, we're destroying homes belonging to animals who live in that area. Also if that keeps on happening the animals will die with no home to find in the trees. Also I think that since the trees are being cut down sooner or later the trees that are being cut down will provide us less air. With this matter of fact we can not spare another tree to be cut down.

How do you cut the trees in Pokemon soul silver and when does it ask?

When your in a forest and you catch 2 farfech'd for the man he gives you the TM headbutt which can knock down trees.

Five good reasons why you shouldn't cut trees down?

Because it help use breath so if u don't want use 2 die stop cutting down trees.