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If you bunt foul when you already have 2 strikes, you have just gotten your third strike. This is about the only way to get a 3rd strike on a foul ball. A foul bunt that is not caught in flight is always counted as a strike, even if it is a third strike and thus results in a strikeout of the batter. All other foul balls which, if not caught in flight, are only counted as a strike if not a third strike.

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Q: What happens when you bunt a foul ball with two strikes out on hand?
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This happens if you bunt with two strikes and it goes foul?

You are called out as soon as a ball is bunted foul if that is the considered 3rd strike...

Why after 2 strikes in baseball don't count foul balls as strikes?

Because you can't get called out on a foul ball if it wasn't caught in the air. you can get out on a foul ball after 2 strikes. mainly people just think of the swinging foul being the only possibility but there are people who will bunt with 2 strikes and they are called out on a foul ball. it doesnt happen that much but it still happens.

A foul tip bunt that does not go higher than the batters head is he out?

If he had to previous strikes then yes. No matter where the pitch is, a foul ball is a foul ball.

Can a batter be called out on a bunted ball that goes foul?

Yes. If a batter attempts a bunt when there are two strikes and the bunt is ruled foul, the batter is called out and a strikeout is awarded to the pitcher's stats.

When are foul balls strikes?

Only the first 2 foul balls are counted as strikes unless a subsequent foul is a foul tip into the catches glove and they maintain possesion of it or the batter attempts to bunt with two strikes and the ball goes foul. This would be strike three.

A batter tried to bunt with two strikes. the bat hit the ball twice. the ball lands fair and rolls foul. What is the call?

Batter is out.

What is a foul ball in baseball?

When a batter hits a ball but it goes outside the white lines (these line up with 3rd and 1st base)it is called a "foul ball" and it counts as a strike. However if the batter already has 2 strikes it does not count as anything because you can not "strike out" on a foul ball. You cannot have a foul ball on a bunt attempt if you have two strikes, however, as that is considered an out.

How do you score an out when a player gets hit by ball afterbunting while in batters box?

First of all a player cannot be called out if s/he is hit with a bunt while still in the batters box. That is declared a foul ball. If the person bunts the ball with two strikes and is hit in the batter's box with the ball after bunting then is is ruled a strikeout. It is ruled a strikout if you ever bunt the ball foul with two strikes.

There is 1 out with a man on third 2 strikes on the batter The batter attempts a bunt that goes foul behind first base no one catches it the batter is out Can the runner from 3rd base advance?

NO. A runner cannot advance on a foul ball that is not "played" (i.e. if a foul fly ball is CAUGHT, the runner may tag up). A foul bunt on a 2 strike count is a dead ball out.

If you hit the ball outside of the foul lines what is the ball called and what happens?

The ball is considered foul. The play results in a strike against the batter, unless he already has two strikes in which case no strikes are added.

Is the batter out if a bunted ball hits him?

it depends on the situation. If the count is two strikes then it is an out because if the batter is insied the box then it is a fould ball and a two strike foul ball on a bunt attempt is an out. If there is one strike or zero strikes then the batter can be called out or a foul ball. If he is still in the batter's box and the ball touches him then it is a fould ball but if the batter is outside the batter's box and the ball touches him, then he is out.

How many foul balls can a batter have?

You can technically have infinite foul balls (assuming they go out of the playing field and are not caught). The exception is if there are already 2 strikes and you foul the ball off but it goes right into the catchers mitt. Then you're out. Also, if they're are 2 strikes and you attempt a bunt and hit it foul then you are out. ---------- Above answer is almost correct... A batter can hit an unlimited number of fouls, but a foul that is caught in the air is not counted as a foul. It's simply an out. Also, a ball that is hit straight back to the catcher who then catches it is not a is a "foul tip," and the ball is still alive, so that's not a foul either. And it doesn't matter if there are 2 strikes, or 1 strike or 0 strikes, or what the count is at all.

Why is a batter out on a bunt on the second strike?

It is too easy to bunt a ball foul. A player could, in theory, continue to bunt the ball foul for 20 pitches and wear out the pitcher. The rule stating "Foul ball on a bunt is always considered a strike" prevents this from happening. Over the years there have been players who can hit the ball foul on purpose without bunting, and have used this talent to wear out a pitcher. It requires more bat control than most players have, however.

What happens when a popfly foul ball is dropped?

It is a foul ball and runners return to the base they occupied at the time of the pitch. If the batter has less than two strikes, it is a strike. If the batter has two strikes, it remains two strikes, unless the batter was bunting, in which case the batter is out.

Why is it strike three on a bunt in MLB?

In rule 6.05 in the Official Rules of Baseball the batter is out when he: RULE 6.05 (D) he bunts foul on third strike Therefore, it would be counted strike three and not a foul ball if the bunt is made with a count of two strikes on the batter. If the count is only one strike, then it is counted as a foul and strike two.

When is a foul ball not a strike or ball?

When there are already 2 strikes on the batter.

What happens if the ball is 'bunted' on the 3rd strike in softball?

If the ball stays in fair territory, then everything is like a normal bunt. But if the ball is bunted into foul territory on a third strike, then the batter is automatically out.

Can a batter be out on a third strike foul ball?

No, but if it was two strikes, then he bunted a foul, then he would be out

What happens if a ball hits the ground then hits the pitching rubber and then goes into foule territory?

If it goes into foul territory before it passes 1st or 3rd base, it's a foul ball. Just like a grounder or bunt that starts fair and rolls foul. If it goes into foul territory past the base it is a fair, live ball.

Why is the batter out when he bunts foul with two strikes?

It is an attempt to speed up the game to have a ball bunted foul after two strikes called an out, since it is relatively easy to make contact with the ball on a bunt and bunts are often fouled off it only stands to reason that this would be true. I'm sure there are other reasons, but, I believe this is the main reason.

Does a foul ball count as a ball if the batter already has 2 strikes?

A foul ball never counts as a ball. In Major League Baseball, a foul ball only counts as the third strike if it's a foul tip that was caught by the catcher.

How many foul balls are allowed before a batter is out?

There is no limit to the number of fouls in the MLB.The only rules about foul balls is if a batter attempts to bunt with two strikes and the ball is bunted foul, the batter is called out. But there is no limit to the number of foul balls a batter can hit when swinging at the pitch.This is true. However, the first 2 foul balls that are hit and not caught are considered strikes. After that, there is no limit to the amount of foul balls that can be hit, as long as they're not caught.

Why is a fouled third strike bunt considered an automatic out in baseball?

The Knickerbocker Rules are a set of baseball rules formalized by Alexander Cartwright in 1845. They are considered to be the basis for the rules of the modern game. Rule 10th. A ball knocked out of the field, or outside the range of the first and third base, is foul. * Foul balls were not considered strikes initially. Some years later, when it became clear that a batter might hit foul balls endlessly in an effort to get a good pitch to hit, the pitcher was given somewhat of a break by an 1858 rule that declared any foul ball to be a strike, unless there were already two strikes on the batter. After the bunt came into existence as a strategy, it also became clear that a batter could literally bunt all day to try to get his pitch. To retain some balance, the rule was further amended, in 1894, to declare any foul bunt a strike.

Is a slap bunt that goes foul on the third strike a out?

Any bunt that goes foul on a third strike is an out, so long as the umpire rules it a bunt. If the batter crosses legs to attempt a slap bunt, it will be ruled a bunt.

If a ball is hit strikes the rubber and then goes foul without anyone touching is it fair or foul?

Fair ball the rubber is part of the playing field.