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Q: What happens when you're injured on pe moderation gcse?
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What happens if you answer both questions in section an English GCSE paper 2?

Good for you.

What happens if you write in green in Gcse exam?

You get disqualified. So, just don't write in Green.

What happens if not enought people choose a gcse class will it still run?

no it wont. they will have to go to his/hers reserve

What bearing do mock gcse's have on the real gcse exam?

They only effect they have on real GCSE's are that they are the basis on which your GCSE results are predicted.

What gcse's do i need to be a racing driver?

You need 5 art GCSE'S, 2 religious education GCSE'S, 9 maths English or science GCSE'S and 20 PE GCSE'S

What is the best way to get a maths GCSE apart from in school?

One of the best ways to get a Maths GCSE outside of school is to enroll in an online or distance learning program specifically designed for GCSE Maths. These programs often provide comprehensive study materials, practice exams, and tutor support. Additionally, using online resources such as educational websites, math tutorials, and practice questions can help supplement your learning. Consistent practice and dedication are key to success.

GCSE you need to become a firefighter?

what gcse's do you need to become a firefighter what gcse's do you need to become a firefighter

Can you do food gcse and engineering gcse?


What percentage do you need to get a a grade in gcse?

It depends from GCSE to GCSE. Ask your teacher what the A score mark is worth.

What happens if you miss a gcse exam?

They will either allow you to resit the exam(s) if they are early on or they will count your predicted grade and mock results.

What is done in GCSE Fashion?

what GCSE's are available in Fashion?

Is karate a gcse sports?

Yes you can take GCSE Karate as part of your Phys Ed GCSE Course Check with KUGB on this link