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Q: What happens when the tackle from behind rule is broken?
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What happens if a major rule is broken in the book the giver?

they get released

Synonyms for harness?

The synonyms for the harness include rein, rule and tackle.

What happens if a swimmer breaks each swimming rule?

If a swimmer breaks any swimming rule, they get disqualified. If they get disqualified the time that they got, well not count. If they were to break all of the rules, the same happens. They don't get another punishment for each broken rule. Their time just won't count.

What is a hard and fast rule?

It is a rule that cannot be broken.

What is the horse collar tackle rule in high school?

15 yard and repeat down

What is a suspended simile?

It happens when the simile breaks certain school rules so the principal has to send it home for a few days depending on what rule was broken.

What is logic behind bodmas rule?


The 'horse collar' rule is more commonly know to Cowboys fans as what?

Cowboys fans dubbed it the Roy Williams Rule due to Williams frequently using the shoulder pads to tackle a ball carrier. Several players suffered injuries due to the tackle, most notably a fractured leg of Terrell Owens. The rule was enacted in the May, 2005.

What is the rule for a tackle in English football?

don't kill em Dont have Ugly azz not English people run on the field

What is a sustained objective?

The judge's finding that a rule of the court was broken

What are the Rules of rugby league in Australia?

the rule of nrl are:no tackles above the shouldersif you drop the ball forward it is a knock onyou can not put an opposing player in a dangerous positionif you do notgo back 10 metres after the tackle you are offsideif you are in front of the kicker you are offsidethese are just the basic rule but there many more

How do you fix a broken scope?

As a general rule, you send it back to the maker.