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That depends upon the severity of the injury. At the minimum, the referee should call a foul. If there is a serious injury involved then it becomes a criminal offense which the police can investigate. There is no legal right to assault people just because you are engaged in a sport.

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Well, you said that "intentionally scoring on his own basket", they will have the points because in the Basketball. You should shoot in your own basket to get a points.

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Then he/she is a idiot. But nothing will happen, the game will go on.

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Q: What happens when someone intentionally injures someone in basketball?
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Yes you can, but you can't intentionally push someone over. Basketball, on paper, is not a contact sport, but when you actually play it, it is.

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What are all the official rules on pushing in basketball. what happens if someone commits the foul etc?

You can like nudge people but if you truck them over that is a foul and they get 2 freethrows

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