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Q: What happens when a case is in conference?
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What is a cmc court appearance?

Case Management Conference

What topics will be covered by the 2013 FMX conference?

The FMX conference is a conference which showcases games, animation, transmedia, and effects. Some of the topics which will be covered at the conference are case studies on visual affects, cloud computing, and a concept art exhibition.

What happens at the yalta conference?

Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin met at Yalta to confirm a postwar conference on what would happen to Europe after the war of WWII

Can the case be resolved at a pretrial conference even when you are pleading Not Guilty as defense of self defense in a criminal case?


What happens at a symposia?

The word is the plural of symposium, meaning a conference or meeting to discuss a particular subject

Why would there be a Settlement conference in a criminal case in California of 10 counts lewd and lascivious behavior?

A "settlement" conference? Sounds like it's a euphemism for a plea bargain session.

What happens after a pre trial conference?

I am not quilty of the charges against me for assault, should I accept community service at pretrial conference?

Do you have to show up for pretrial conference?

Generally, the parties do not appear at a pre-trial conference, because it is a conference the judge has with all attorneys and pro se parties to discuss the many aspects of the procedural status of the case and determine when it should be ready for trial.

What was the purpose of the peace conference?

There have been lots of difference Peace Conferences in the history of the world. You have not said which specific Peace Conference you are referring to. Generally, a Peace Conference happens at the end of a war or other dispute, and it agrees how the war will end and settles disagreements between the parties.

When did the Detroit red wings start in the western conference?

The NHL expanded into two conferences in 1974; the Campbell Conference and the Whales Conference. In 1993 the League changed the names of the conferences to represent the geographical nature the organization. The Campbell Conference became the Western Conference and the Whales Conference became the Eastern. The Red Wings were in the Whales Conference (Called the Prince of Whales Conference) until a re-organization brought them to the Campbell Conference (or the Clarence Campbell Conference) in the 1981-82 season. So, essentially Detroit has been in the Western/Campbell conference since 1981-But only in the "Western" Conference since 1993. In case your wondering: Prior to 1974 the NHL was organized in two Eastern and Western Divisions; the Wings were in the Eastern Division.

What happens during the hearing on a case?

It depends on the case and the type of hearing.

What happens when a case get refiled after the case has been discharged?

The process begins again as a new case.