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You dont get to play!

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Q: What happens when a baseball game is delayed due to rain?
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Has there ever been a rain delay at a baseball game?

There have been 10's of thousands of baseball games delayed by rain.

Has a NFL game ever been rain delayed?


What happens to the ticket when the baseball game is postponed due to rain?

the game is rescheduled and you still get to go

What happens when a baseball game is postponed due to rain?

It is played at a later date.

When and Where does Boston Celtics Play on Saturday?

They delayed the game because of rain.

What was the longest rain delay in baseball?

I believe the longest rain delay came during the 2008 world series, game 5 between the Phillies and the Rays. After the game was delayed because of the heavy rain and cold, the games resumed 2 days later, when the storm passed.

Can baseball be played in the rain?

It can but it is gennerally not done. Last year (2009) in the World Series there were several delayed games due to rain.

What happens when baseball World Series game is dalayed due to rain?

If the game cannot be finished that day due to rain, the game will be resumed the next possible day, and will start were the game was left off. The game will be played to it's completion.

Why are baseball games delayed so easily?

because players could slip or get injured easily during rain

Can a baseball fan provide details of a Philadelphia Phillies twilight doubleheader at the Vet in the 70s or 80s which was tremendously rain delayed with the second game ending approximately 5 am?

all i can remember is that it was against the padres.

If a baseball game is stopped due to rain delay do they restart from the beginning?

Following a rain delay the baseball game continues from the point at which the delay was initiated.

What game do the cullens and Bella play in the rain?


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