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it will be revoked

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Q: What happens to your license if you are found guilty of department records show racing on the highway?
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Can you get address from license plate?

Yes you can, the DMV or Department of Revenue has the records and they are completely public.

Where can you get a certified copy of your New Hampshire marriage license?

You can get a certified copy of your marriage license from the NH Department of State Division of Vital Records Administration or from the town clerk's office from where the license was issued. You can download an application from the Division of Vital Records website. The current fee is $15. You will also need to show proof of identity.

Can you find a person address through theiri driver license number?

Many DMV records are public. Contact your state department of motor vehicles for information.

Where can one find a license plate lookup?

There is a website in existence for license plate searches which is called License Plate Lookup. This site has access to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) records for fifty states. This site does charge a fee for searches. You can also contact your local DMV for information.

Who maintains patient records?

The Medical Records Department prepares and maintains patient records.

How many points till you lose your license in Ga?

The Department is authorized to suspend your license if its records or other evidence shows that you have accumulated 15 points within 24 months under the point system, including violations committed out of state.

What if your driver license must be revoked if you are found guilty or department records show three major offenses or 15 offenses for which you receive points within a year period?

5 years.

How do you obtain a housekeeping license business?

You go to county records and pay for a license.

What is the largest department in the ministry of truth?

The records department page 11 middle.

What happens when a death certificate is lost?

The next of kin can request a dublicate from the department of records in the state the deceased died in. Most states will issue a certified duplicate for a small fee.

Can you search insurance records by license plate number?

No, most companies will not require your license plate number.

What happens for a speeding tickets from another state?

All states have a cooperative agreement among them and honor each others DMV records, license information, and violations. The issuing state, notifies the DMV of your home state and the points are either applied against your license or your license is suspended until you take care of your obligation.