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The proffesional player who finishes 2nd wins the top prize.

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Q: What happens to the money if an amateur wins the US Open golf tournament?
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What happens if the US Open is won by an amateur?

no prize money giving for winner

What happens to the prize money if an amateur wins the open?

Whoever finishes runner up to him will get all the first place money and the second place money.

What does opens mean in bowling?

Open bowling means that the lanes are open to the public, because currently there are lanes that are unoccupied by leagues/tournaments. There is also a term called open used when you do not get a pick up your spare. = = An open is also a type of tournament. There are 2 types of tournaments. There is an open where anyone can enter the tournament and there is an invitational where you must qualify one way or another (depending on the tournament) to play in a tournament. Either type can be a pro-am tournament where both professional and amateur bowlers can bowl. There are tournaments that only a professional can enter and some tournaments that only an amateur can enter.

Will the highest placed pro golfer receive the title of a tournament won by an amateur?

If the competition is an open the champion would be the winning score amateur or pro. However some competitions have pros as the winner and runners up and an amateur as the winning amateur.

Does an amateur golfer win prize money E.g. The amateur that came joint fifth at the british open?

Doesn't get a bean. Amateurs do not get any prize money.

If an amateur wins the British open does he get the claret jug?

Yes, an amateur would win the Claret Jug if he won the Open Champoinship. However, he would not win the prize money, as that would contavene his amateur status

How many PGA wins did Bobby Jones have?

None, Bobby Jones was an amateur And played only amateur tournaments throughout his career. He never played as a professional golfer. The US open is a USGA event not a PGA tournament.

What is the prize money at the british open golf tournament?

£750,000 or 1 million US

What is the prize money for second place in the british open golf tournament?

$732,603 (

What tournament highest prize money in grand slam tennis 2008?

Australian open

Does an amateur's caddy get anything if the amateur wins the US Open?


What is the prize money at the us open golf tournament 2008 at Torrey Pines?

Tiger Woods

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