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When you are riding a horse at a trot you can either sit the trot (something that require a lot of practice to be able to do well), or do a rising trot where you post (go up and down in the saddle) in time with the horse's outside leg.

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Q: What happens to a riders body when a horse is trotting?
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What is a horse riders artificial aid?

any thing that the rider uses to ride a horse that isn't their body e.g. whip spurs etc

What do you stear a horse with?

Good riders on well-trained horses can steer a horse with their body language, and by using their legs to cue the horse where to turn. Some people even train their horses better than that, teaching them to go wherever they look, with no leg cues. Most riders on average horses must stear a a horse with a bridle and reins or a halter and lead rope

What is the riders weight limits for 11 hands high Welsh Pony.?

well the most a horse should ever carry is 20% of their body weight

What are good games to play with beginner riders on horses during a lesson?

around the world. this is when the horse is completely stopped. And the rider moves from the front of the horse to the side, the back, the other side, and back to the front with their whole body. I recommend using an older horse for this game just for safety.

Is it bad for ones body to horse ride and do gymnastics?

At the same time? pretty impressive but highly dangerous. Answer 2: Although as stated above it can be dangerous to do both gymnastics and horseback riding at the same time, there is a sport based around doing just that. It is called Vaulting. A single human or a team will jump onto the back of a moving, either trotting or cantering horse ,that is being lunged in a large circle and perform gymnastic maneuvers to music. Vaulting is quite dangerous as the 'riders' have no control over the horse, nor any protective gear, and usually no shoes either. If they fall they can be injured or killed.

What is the body plan of a horse?

There are many places to find the body plan of a horse. The local library will have a diagram of the horse body.

What has a horse's body?

what do u mean "what has a horse's body?" a minotaur

What age would you be to ride a 13hands horse?

It's not so much age as it is height and weight. I'm 5 foot tall and can ride a 13 hand horse but I'm light weight also. So long as the horse isn't carrying more than 20 % of it's own body weight and the riders legs sit in the correct place age won't matter.

How do you horse jump?

training and hard work. you can start by trotting over ground poles, and then cantering over them. develop trust in your horse, and get your horse to trust you. then you can set up a cross-rail, and start by trotting over it. then canter. this takes a long time to work up to. if your horse has never jumped before, if you have never ridden before, if you do not feel comfortable, don't do it without a professional of a certified instructor. Just incase you mean how do you personally jump, its really easy. as you trot (or canter to a jump) don't look as the poles or fence. You want to look straight ahead or where ur gonna turn, cuz you look where you go, so if you look at the ground... well that's where you'll end up. remind your horse that theres nothing to be afraid of. then as u near the jump, slowly rise up into your 2 point position and jump. give your horse head room with the reins but don't have sloppy reins. when you land go onto the next jump. when your done, give your horse a quick pat on the neck. when you ride you are one with your horse, so keep in mind that you have to tell your horse what to do from your body and not as much noise. that my friend, is how you jump (:

What happens to horses when they die?

When a horse dies the owner (if domesticated) can have the horse buried where it will decompose naturally. they can have it cremated for a fee and spread or bury the ashes, they can have the horse hauled away to a dump, or to a rendering plant where it will be cooked down. Or they can donate the body to an equine hospital for research.

What does it mean to release over a jump while riding a horse?

To "release" over a jump, means to lean forward over the horses neck, (not too far).. This allows the horse to get an arching shape with his neck and body.. Check out a few photo's of some really good riders and you'll get what I mean.. Have a look where their hands are.. This is releasing..

A creature with the body of a horse and torso of a person?

A creature with the body of a horse and torso of a person is a centaur.

What creature has a body of a horse and a head of a man?

A creature with the body of a horse and torso of a person is a centaur.

What horse has spots on it's body?

The Appaloosa Horse

What has the head of a lion and the body of horse?

This is a creature with a lion's torso and a horse's lower body. Usually male.

How does the body look?

how does a horse body look

How does a horse communicate with humans?

A horse uses body language to communicate period. The horse may use its voice to communicate but it mostly uses body language.

How does riding horses burn calories?

Riding a horse that is trotting is a lot of work. You are constantly moving up and down over the saddle. Your arms get a real workout just holding the reins and moving them side to side to 'steer' the horse. Even when the horse is walking, your back muscles are constantly flexing so that your back is vertical. In a canter or gallop, the muscles in the rider's complete body are exercising hard. If you have ever seen a jockey after even a mile and a half race, you can see that s(he) is exhausted. And jockeys are in wonderful shape!

Where is a dock on a horse?

The dock is the tailhead where it meets the horse's body.

What happens if your body had no ligaments?

what happens if our body had no ligaments

What does a horse body brush do?

It cleans the horses body

Do horses eat field mice?

No, not on purpose. Horses are obligate herbivores and do not eat meat. However if a horse is grazing and a small filed mouse happens to be in the way and does not move, the horse may accidentally consume it. Though generally if a horse picks up some kind of foreign body they typically spit it out.

What creatures have horses' bodies?

# Centaurs (human head & torso, horse's body) # Unicorns # Hippogriffs (eagle's head, horse's body) # Kelpies (Horse that lives in the sea)

How many bones are the in a whole horse?

The horse has 205 bones in its body.

What creature has the head of a lion and the body of a horse?

Lion-headed horse.