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the batter will resume his at bat the next inning with a clean count, as long as he didn't make the last out (strike out fly-out, ect)

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Q: What happens to a batter when the inning ends during his bat?
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What happens in a cell during anaphase?

The chromosomes move to opposite ends of the nuclear spindle.

What happens if during a cup tie the referee accidentally ends the game early?

it can't happen

What is the international tie breaker in softball?

When a regulation game ends in a tie, the International Tie Breaker rule is used. At the beginning of each team's at-bat the last batter from the previous inning is placed on 2nd base. It is not sudden death. Each team has an opportunity to bat each inning. The game ends when one team is ahead at the end of an inning.

What happens during anaphase and telephase?

During anaphase the chromatids split. Once this happens, they go to opposite ends of the cell. During telephase the cells begin to spread apart and the nuclear envelopes form. (:

What happens if two MLB teams go scoreless after 18 innings?

They keep playing until someone breaks the tie and the inning ends.

How do you calculate at bats?

A batter is credited with an at bat for every plate appearance except: 1) base on balls 2) hit by pitch 3) sacrifice fly 4) sacrifice bunt 5) catcher's interference If an inning ends while a batter is in the middle of an at bat (eg., a base runner is thrown out stealing for the 3rd out) no at bat is credited and the batter is the first batter to bat in the next inning. If the batter is replaced before the at bat is completed, no at bat is credited unless the batter was replaced with two strikes and the replacement batter strikes out. The strikeout is credited to the batter who was replaced.

What is the ninth batter rule?

Many little leagues play a 9th batter rule. At the coach/machine pitch level our league plays that when the 9th batter comes to the plate, the hitting team must announce it or he's out after a pitch is thrown. Once announced, there are automatically two outs. That batter completes his at-bat, either safe or out and then the half-inning ends. For our Minors (kid-pitch) kids, same rules, except the 9th batter can stay on the bases and advance until he scores. When he crosses the plate or an out is made the inning ends. The only way runners behind him can score is on an over-the-fence home-run.

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what if soccer ends in a tie

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What happens to the chromosomes during the stage cycle when the nucleus divides?

The Chromosomes separate from each other and move to opposite ends of the cell.

What happens to chromosomes during the stage of the cell cycle in which the nucleus divides?

spindle fibers form a bridge between the ends of the cell

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