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The average Baseball remains in play for only five to seven pitches in a Major League game. After the game the baseballs that are taken out of play are used for batting, and fielding practice. Approximately 600,000 baseballs are used by all Major League teams combined during the course of a season. -Steven KeyMan

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Q: What happens to a baseball after the game?
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What happens if a baseball championship game is rained out?

It would be rescheduled.

In baseball what happens to the game if the manager is right with the protest?

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What happens to the ticket when the baseball game is postponed due to rain?

the game is rescheduled and you still get to go

What happens when a baseball player runs out of baseball bats during a game?

He borrows one from a fellow teammate.

In what inning is a baseball game postponed?

A baseball game is capable of postponement at any given time during the game regardless of the inning or the circumstance however what happens after that depends on the circumstance of the outcome.

What happens to your tickets when a Major League Baseball game is rained out?

you can ask for a refund or tickets to the next game

What happens when a baseball game is delayed due to rain?

You dont get to play!

What happens if baseball game is rained out after sixth inning?

they will keep playing

What happens at the three days of a baseball game does it take that long to play one game?

Huh? That makes no sense...

What happens to a baseball when the umpire removes it from the game?

They use the ball for batting practice.

What happens when a baseball game is postponed due to rain?

It is played at a later date.

What happens in baseball when no substitutes are left?

There are a few things that could happen in baseball when there are no substitutes are left. You could forfeit the game.

What happens at the end of the ninth inning if its tied baseball?

If the game can safely continue, the top of the 10th inning begins. And they keep on playing baseball till someone wins the game.

What happens to the baseballs after a Major League Baseball game?

The teams keep them after the games for practice.

What happens if you catch a ball at a match?

If your at a baseball or softball game and you catch it in the stands it does not count as a out and you can keep the ball

What happens if a baseball game is rained out?

If the game does not have enough innings to be considered a complete game (4 innings) than the game is post poned to a different day. The game picks up where it left off.

What happens if a baseball game gets cancelled in the second inning?

In the event of a baseball game being canceled in the second inning, in Major League Baseball, the game will be ruled as postponed and will be made up as a completely new game later on in the season or during one of the following days depending on the team's schedule and the weather forecasts.

What happens if a baseball game doesn't have a official scorer?

The home team scorer becomes the official scorer

What happens to the person running in a baseball field after caught?

During game between bases by someone with the ball and you are out.

What happens if a baseball team cannot provide 9 players to finish game?

If a team can not provide 9 players to finish a game then the game will therefore be forfeited. Under Official Baseball Rules, it says that a game will be forfeited when a team is unable to or refuses to place nine players on the field.

What happens to the balls after the game in the Major League Baseball?

Used balls get pitched in batting practice; unused balls go back in the bag for the next game.

What happens when you run out of pitchers in a baseball game?

you have to put someone in there to pitch...the backup catcher, the utility infielder, whoever

What happens when baseball World Series game is dalayed due to rain?

If the game cannot be finished that day due to rain, the game will be resumed the next possible day, and will start were the game was left off. The game will be played to it's completion.

What happens if five men on a baseball team do not show up for a game?

A forfeited game. Assuming the other team shows up with all nine or ten guys.

What happens if a baseball game has started and then it rains?

If a basketball has started and it start raining some people will leave and some will stay.