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The letter o.

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Q: What happens once in lacrosse twice in football but never in baseball?
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What happens twice in football and never in baseball?

The letter "o"

When is the lacrosse visor coming out?


Is lacrosse tougher than football?

Yes, In football everything is done by the book and there's really no freedom like there is in lacrosse. In lacrosse you can do tricks and draw up your own play on the run. Also lacrosse takes more stamina and endurance. In football you get a break every fifteen seconds whereas in lacrosse a play can last over five minutes of non stop running and hitting. Although both are a contact sport lacrosse requires more mental and physical toughness and strength. You wear small pads in lacrosse for more mobility and speed so when you get hit, you get hit hard. Lacrosse is a faster paced game and is also is referred to as "The fastest game on two feet". Lacrosse was first used as a war game in Canada to train Indians on how to fight. I played both Highschool football and lacrosse and I can say that lacrosse was more physcially demanding than football. I often found myselft taking a hard beat down by another player in lacrosse at least two to three times a game but the best part is giving it back....................................................................................................this guy doesnt know what he is talking about. he obviously plays lacrosse and has probly never even worn a football helmet. so shut your face. football is a war on a feild. a war were nobody dies. yes we have breaks here and there but our intensity during those plays can not be matched with lacrosse. yes, lacrosse is nonstop but football players energy is 1000 times more in one play then probly half a lacrosse game. speed and endurance have nothing to do with thoughness.i have played both sports and i can tell you with the full truth that football is harder then lacrosse.......................ill just put it how it is. lacrose=running the whole time, hitting with metal poles, getting hit way harder with less pads. football= *throws ball* one guy gets hit ok lets all rest guys that was tiring

When will the lacrosse be in showrooms?

uhh never, you play it on a feild...

What were the first positions of lacrosse?

Lacrosse was invented by indians. They started out with all midfielders and never had any kind of goal keeper. -yonny36

How are math and lacrosse similar?

Math and Lacrosse are not similar at all, and I never even think about math when I am out on the field unless I forgot to do my math homework then i will forget about it.

Should you play high school lacrosse if you have never played it before?

i am and I'm a sophomore.

Who is a football manager that hasn't played football?

I think arsene Wenger never played football to any standard he was never a known footballer

What is the only three letter league to never go on strike?

the mll, major league lacrosse

What is the most practiced sport in US?

I am Pretty sure it is football or basketball, because in schools, kids do not play baseball very much, and i never really see anyone play baseball.

What runs a round a football field but never moves?

The out of bounds line runs around a football field but never moves.

How did college become football?

College never became football. People in college play football.

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