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Q: What happens more in baseball hitters hit in face or pitchers?
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Why do left-handed hitters have more trouble with left-handed pitchers that right-handed hitters with right-handed pitchers?

As a general rule, there are less left handed pitchers. So lefties face lefties less often and have less at-bats to adjust to them. There are probably other reasons also.

What direction do most baseball pitchers pitch toward?

It depends if the pitcher is left or right handed, a lefty will face first, while a righty will face third.

Are metal bats allowed in professional baseball?

Yes it should be because soon after their college career, baseball players must face faster, better pitchers with weaker, wooden bats, causing bad starts to many rookie careers. With baseball bats that are wooden in college, scouts can help their team much more from more accurate results. No, because if college players used wooden bats there would be a lot more no hitters. That's why they have the Minor leauges

How did the term southpaw originate?

The term southpaw developed from the fact that left-handed pitchers face south because baseball diamonds are laid out with home plate to the west. The term has been traced back to 1885.

Is southpaw an animal?

A southpaw means that the left handed pitchers face south. Hence the term southpaw.

Who are the oldest pitchers to face each other?

I'm pretty sure it's Randy Johnson and Jamie Moyer.

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