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He eats a tyrannasaurous rex, his dad goes mad, and darryl saves the day by playing third base.

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Q: What happens in the big field by mike lupica?
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Who wrote The Big Field?

Mike Lupica wrote "The Big Field."

Is mike lupica's the big field nonfiction?


What is the point of view to the big field by mike lupica?

The resolution would be to read the book Heat by Mike Lupica! - Izzy Daniels

When does the big field by mike lupica take place?

20th century

What was Mike Lupica's first book he wrote?

The first book he has written is Big Field

Who is the main character in MIke lupica the big field?

Hutch Hutchenson real name Henry Hutchenson

Who are all the characters in the stoy big field by mike lupica?

Hutch Darrll Mom Dad Cody Mr. Cullen

What is some of the books that mike lupica wrote?

Heat,Travel Team, The Big Field, Hot Shot, Million-Dollar Throw

How does The Big Field by mike Lupica end?

I'm sorry to say, but if you need this for a report or wahtnot, you shoulda read the book...good luck!

How many pages are in the book The Big Field by Mike Lupica?

Only Hutch wasn't the shortstop. Darryl was.

How does hutch Hutchinson change in the big field by mike lupica?

hi uh I really love Hutch he's really awesome and athletic and funny. or what sounds to be like my name is Jeff

Is Keith Hutchinson from Mike Lupica's The Big Field a dynamic or static character?

Defiantly Dynamic, for one reason is he learns so much and goes through a Lot of changes through out the story.