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What happens is the ball deforms which then flattens then returns to its normal shape which then makes it bounce.

As for what happens rules-wise when the ball hits the ground, not a lot. The ball is on the ground for a fair portion of the game, which can lead to heavy contact when players vie for control of the ball.

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Q: What happens in lacrosse if the ball hits the ground?
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What happens when the ball hits the helmet on the ground in cricket?


What happens as a ball hits the ground?

It either rolls, bounces, or just sits there.

What is one reason for cradling the ball in lacrosse?

You cradle the ball in lacrosse so if someone hits your stick it is less likely to fall out.

What happens to your spit in the Antarctic winter?

It freezes into a ball of ice before it hits the ground.

If batted ball hits a base before it hits the ground is it an out?

No, it is simply a ground ball and is in play.

What happens when a ball hits a players club lying on the ground?

The club is treated an obstruction. The ball is played as is and the obstruction may be moved.

Pitched ball hits ground then batter?

If the ball hits the ground in play then it hits the batter it is call a hit by pitch and the batter will take first base ... You can also hit the ball as it bounces off the ground ...

What happens when a ball goes out of the court and back in in tennis?

did it hit the ground or not? if the ball gos across the line and another player hits it back in then the games keeps going, but of course if it hits the ground then the other team gets the point.

When is the ball in play from a dropped ball IN SOCCER?

When it hits the ground.

Softball rules can batter hit ball after it hits the ground?

no absolutely not it is an automatic strike If the ball is pitched and hits the ground before it gets to the batter and the batter then hits the ball it is a legal hit.

Why do you double dribble your bowling ball?

when the ball(in your hand) hits the ground, then hits the lane when its released.

If a batted ball hits any base and is caught in the air before it touches the ground is it an out?

Once it hits the base, it is considered a ground ball.

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