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The point goes to the opponent.

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Q: What happens in a game of badminton if you touch the lines of the court?
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What happens if player touch the net in badminton?


What happens if you touch the net in badminton during the game but out of play?

apakah sumbangan lee chong wei kepada negara

Is it a fault in badminton when you touch the net out of play?


What are the six main rules in badminton?

Don't touch the net. Don't go onto the opponents side of the court. A singles court is long and thin. A doubles court is fat and short. Don't hit the shuttle twice. Serve with the racket below the lowest rib.

What electric line of force can touch?

the lines of force are not real. these lines of force are imaginary lines. so we can not touch it.

What are the deference between parallel lines and intersecting lines?

The difference between intersecting and parallel lines is that, on a graph parallel lines do ont touch,cross or anything. THEY NEVER TOUCH. intersecting lines touch, or cross eachother.\

Will perpendicula lines ever touch?

Yes but parallel lines wont ever touch.

Do parallel lines touch?

No they dont touch.

Lines that never touch?

Parallel lines

How you check if two lines are parall?

Parallel is lines that never touch so if the lines never touch it is parallel but if so then it is perpendicular.

How to play badminton?

To play badminton, you have to be fast and you have to have a good strategy. There are two types of games in badminton, doubles and singles. Singles is just playing against one other person and doubles is when you are paired up with someone playing another team which also consists of two players. In singles, the outside line is out and in doubles, the outside line is in. The objective of the game is to make the opposing team around the court, using your shots as well as to force the birdie to touch the court on the opposite side.

Are you allowed to touch the net in badminton?

No, touching the net is an instant loss of the point.

What happens if you touch a snake?

if you touch a snake nothing happens

Can birds touch one another when there on power lines?

The answer is yes they can touch one another when there on power lines

Do touch lines and goal lines are part of the field of play in soccer?

Touch lines (end lines) and side lines are a very big part of soccer. Touch lines and side lines give an area for play or else the game would be a crazy mess! There would be people all over the place if there were no boundaries.

What can called the lines are parallel?

the lines will never touch

What can legally touch a badminton net?

The shuttle can, nothing else otherwise it's a foul.

Can parallel lines have the same intercept value?

Unless they are the exact same lines, no. Parallel lines do not touch. If two lines have the same intercept value, they share a point, and therefore touch.

What is the name when 2 lines never touch?

the lines are parallel.

What has parallel lines?

two lines that do not touch each other

What happens if you touch a meteor?

The same thing that happens when you touch a stone or a rock.

Explain why two lines of latitude never touch?

2 lines of latitude do not touch because they are parallel to one another. Lines of longitude meet up at the poles.

Do parallel lines touch diagonally?

No, they are parallel, which means they never touch.

What is a paralelogram?

lines,rays,and segments that never touch. Kenzie ~ NO! They have to touch!

Where is the touch line in a soccer field?

The touch lines are the longer lines on the perimeter of the soccer field. Specifically, the ones without the goals on them.

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