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The batter may advance three bases if the thrown glove touches a batted ball, and runners may advance three bases. The ball is live and in play.

The batter may advance two bases if the thrown glove touches a thrown ball, and runners may advance two bases. The ball is live and in play.

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2010-05-21 13:19:45
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Q: What happens if you throw your glove at the ball?
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Can a player throw the ball with his glove?

It depends on the circumstance. A ball can be thrown with a glove to a base in an attempt to force or tag out a runner. A ball can be thrown to a cutoff man with a glove. However, a pitcher cannot pitch with his glove.

What do you do in baseball?

you hit the ball with a bat and you catch the ball with the glove and you throw the ball with your arm. sounds complicated, i know

Is there a rule in the MLB rule book that allows you to throw your glove at a hit ball?

every runner gets two bases if you throw your glove, hat, shoe, anything, at a hit ball even if it catches it

Can a player throw his glove with the baseball in it?

Yes. In the rare case that a batted ball gets stuck in the webbing of a glove a fielder may throw the glove to another fielder when attempting to put someone out.

What happens when a baseball player catches a ball and drops the glove with the ball in the glove?

The player must have control of the ball in the glove. If the glove comes off before he completes the catch, it is not an out. The glove is considered part of the fielder's hand and he must have his hand in the glove.

What happens if you throw a ball in the ocean?

it floats

What is a real life example of using accuracy and precision?

When throwing a baseball, you want to throw it accurately into the catcher's glove. Your precision is how closely you throw the ball into or around that same spot in his/her glove.

How does a glove effect how far you throw a football?

On cold or rainy days, a glove gives the thrower of the football better grip, so the ball won't slip while he is attempting to throw. With less slippage, the ball gains speed and distance.

If a runner is hit with the ball by a miss throw by to the second base man is the runner out?

No. To force an out, the defensive player has to touch the runner with the ball or touch the runner with the glove while the ball is in the glove. A thrown ball touching a runner does not count.

What force happens when you throw a ball?

action and reaction

What happens if the ball is in the glove and in play when you take your glove off?

If you're still holding the glove you still have possession of the ball. You don't have to be wearing the glove. There was a play one time where the ball was hit to the pitcher and it got stuck in his glove, so he threw the whole glove to the first baseman. The batter was out because he still had control of the ball, even though it was still in somebody else's glove.

Player throws his glove at a baseball does not hit ball?

Nothing happens but it reflects poorly on the player throwing the glove. If he does hit the ball with his glove a dead ball is called and the runners advance two bases and the fielder is charged with an error.

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