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nothing actually. It is perfectly fine and won't cause any faults

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Q: What happens if you take off your helmet before reaching the dugout?
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Why is John Olerud the only New York Yankee in the dugout who wears a helmet rather than a cap even when not playing in the game?

Before his professional playing days, John Olerud had surgery which required the placement of a metal plate in his head. He wears the hard helmet at all times for protection. Foul balls are often hit into the dugout. John is allowed by MLB to wear his batting helmet while playing defensively to protect from an injury he received early in his career.

What happens if you take off your helmet in the moon?

If you take of your helmet you will most probably die as you will have no oxygen!

What happens when the ball hits the helmet of a batsman?

If the helmet is on the batsmens head nothing will happen

How do you get the E.V.A C helmet A.K.A Emile's skull helmet?

You unlock Emile's Skull helmet by reaching Major and purchasing the E.V.A. base for 30,000cr, later on E.V.A. [C] will be revealed once you hit Commander and will be available for 120,000cr.

What happens if an astronaut removes its helmet in space?

He/she dies!

If you look directly at the sun in space with no helmet what happens?

You would die, because you wouldn't be wearing a helmet in space...

George S Patton wore his helmet why is it that Douglas MacArthur never wore one?

not hating on mcarthur, but he never really was on the fronts, i mean in the filipenes his nickname was dugout doug patton moved with his soldiers

Can you snore in space?

In open space? In a helmet with oxygen tank? There is no air in space, and no air pressure, therefore if you had no helmet your head would implode. But in the few seconds before that happens, yes, technically you could snore. No one would hear you though, even if they were right next to you.

What happens when you wear a bike helmet in a accident?

If you hit your head on something, the helmet will spread and soak up some of the energy of the hit, reducing your risk of head injury. If you don't hit your head, the helmet won't do anything. In extremely rare cases, the helmet will snag on something and yank on your head/neck.

What is the black stuff on the Angels' batting helmets?

That is usually pine tar or something that will help the batter with gripping the bat. The batter, instead of stopping the game to go over to the dugout, will reach up a place his hand (batting glove) on top of his helmet.

Is a runner out if he is touched on the helmet before he crosses home plate?


What happens when a punter kicks the ball into one of his own players helmet?

The guy gets a headache!